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normal food

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Ange_mmm, May 14, 2011.

  1. I give my LO the following for finger food...
    Cooked veg, banana, strawberries, pear and so on.
    Toast, crumpets, pancakes, dairlylea or grated cheese sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, fish fingers [just the fish, he struggles with the outside], breadsticks [can dip in dairlylea or a bit of hummus], melba toast, baby rice cakes [these are finer than normal ones] and reduced sugar rusks.
    I used to buy all the baby stuff when we started weaning but don't so much now. I do still have the cow and gate yogurts handy though incase I can't be bothered with mashing fruit up to put in greek yogurt. For breakfast cereals he has weetabix or readybrek.
    If I run out of something I don't worry about him having a digestive biscuit or something like that.
  2. Petit Filous and all those marketed at children/babies are full of sugar. I give my LO natural organic yoghurt which he loves alone (he knows no different so I guess it's not too tart for him!) or mixed with fruit puree or grated/mashed fruit.
  3. Does anyone know if you can give live yoghurt (I'm thinking Biopot) to a baby? I'm guessing not as it's not pasturised? altho I ate it throughout pregnancy so I'm not sure...
  4. The brands I use (Yeo Valley and Rachel's) are both live and both pasteurised. So yes!
  5. It's so much worse in the USA- I get Rachel's "My First Yoghurts" (I think they're called) and they are sweetened with fruit puree. I never go near the petit filous type things. However, in America I couldn't find ANY food aimed at babies that wasn't full of sugar- sugar as the first ingredient. Out-bloody-rageous! I even wanted plain Greek style yoghurt and there wasn't any of that to be found. RE: "normal food"- having done BLW we fed our LO normal food from day 1- just no processed sauces etc with too much salt in. I used to sometimes use Ella's Kitchen sauces (e.g. "the Italian one") with meat/veggies etc when we were having somehting unsuitable like curry or a jar of pasta sauce. I do buy the occasional steam meal type thing for LO when she is having dinner at Mum's or the childminder's, if we're having a takeaway, or if we just simply haven't the time or energy to cook!
  6. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    Read the ingredients for some of the baby and toddler toothpastes sometime...
    The other problem we have is Mrs S is vegetarian, and an awful lot of baby yoghurts contain gelatine. Honestly, it's such a minefield...

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