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Nord Anglia?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by NCC-1701-D, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. priceke

    priceke New commenter

    I've sent you a conversation. Not sure if this is the same as a PM.
  2. SciHQ

    SciHQ New commenter

    Hello, to add to this thread does anyone have any insight to the British school part of the NA group located in Petaling Jaya? (Just outside of Kuala Lumpur). I'm trying to find out more as I am considering applying for a position there.

    Many thanks, Sci
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  3. fiercelypink

    fiercelypink New commenter

    I am in the process of applying to work abroad after a few years back in the UK. I have been looking at working in the US at one of the Nord Anglia schools but I am not sure of their benefits. I am planing to apply for a job in New York but feel the benefits would have to be good in order to be worth living there? I'd be so grateful of any advice.
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  4. rouxx

    rouxx Lead commenter

    Any advice...lots of luck. I should imagine that location is seriously competitive.

    More helpful: NA packages vary significantly from location to location, but usually fair for the location, both better and worse can be found.
  5. ClaireP89

    ClaireP89 New commenter

    I’ve skimmed through a few of the messages above and I noticed a few people were above to offer advice on NA schools in America. Is anyone able to message me with any information. I’m interested in finding out about things like work life balance, pay and benefits, Skype interview and London interview process/questions ect.
    Hope to hear from someone.


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  6. williamslf

    williamslf New commenter

    I am also looking for information on NA America. I am particularly interested in the Florida ones. I have a non working spouse and 2 children so really need somewhere we can live comfortably on one salary. I have been teaching internationally for 7 years so I know some of the issues with for profit schools and differences from teaching in the UK. If anyone could message me with some information about salary and benefits at these schools it would be amazing!
    Thank you!
  7. lili_avila

    lili_avila New commenter

    Dear grd,if I can ask,did you receive tuition remission for your children while working for Nord Anglia?,It is very important for me too,since I have 2 little ones
  8. willow78

    willow78 Occasional commenter

    I might be wrong but I think all of there schools in Asia you receive 2 free places for your children, certainly do at the two schools I have worked for.
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  9. willow78

    willow78 Occasional commenter

    I might be wrong but I think all of there schools in Asia you receive 2 free places for your children, certainly do at the two schools I have worked for.
  10. lili_avila

    lili_avila New commenter

    I should have asked specifically in the US because that is where I am applying,I guess if it is the same School (Nord Anglia) it would have to offer the same benefit of 2 children with tuition remission ,right?..do you happen to know? and thank you for taking the time to answer.
  11. willow78

    willow78 Occasional commenter

    My friend had an interview for one of their schools in Chicago and there offered 2 free child places, so I'd guess it will be similar across there schools in the uk
  12. grdwdgrrrl

    grdwdgrrrl Occasional commenter

    Yes. For two children. I also have free tuition for two children at my school.
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  13. richardwillis998

    richardwillis998 New commenter

    Could anyone in the know relating to the US Nord Anglia schools please PM me with locations where ages 14 - 18 is catered for please?
    If you also happen to have a contact where I can post a CV, that would be ideal.
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  14. tunie08

    tunie08 New commenter

    Hi, anyone with experience with the branch in Moscow? Would appreciate a pm please!
  15. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    its amazing what happens if you google things !!!!o_O you will be amazed at what you can find.... it will take you 10 seconds
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  16. bubblegirl83

    bubblegirl83 New commenter

    Almost all the US NA schools go up to 18. Not all, but most. Look at the NA website for info and contact details.
  17. helloally

    helloally New commenter

    Is housing offered as part of the benefits package? I'm specifically thinking of Washington Nord Anglia but I'd be interested to know about other NA schools too.
  18. lilyflower18

    lilyflower18 New commenter

    It wasn't in Chicago - the school arrange accommodation for your first year, but you are responsible for paying the rent and bills from your salary. I don't know if DC is the same, but there definitely isn't a "benefits" package for Chicago. You get your salary and you are responsible for everything else. That being said, the health insurance coverage is excellent.
  19. pizza15

    pizza15 New commenter

    All are the same. No housing but a housing allowance “built” into your salary. Hard for families.
  20. lottielizzie

    lottielizzie New commenter

    Hi, I know I'm very late to this but wondered if anyone could help?
    There are two vacancies that are really interesting for me at the moment but in two very different locations. Will I be penalised for applying to both? Could it be considered that I'm just 'grabbing' for any job? I am genuinely interested in both locations and would hate to miss an opportunity if they thought I was a better fit in one school over another.

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