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Non-Verbal Reasoning for 13+ exam in Manchester area

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by polvo, Jan 20, 2020.

  1. polvo

    polvo New commenter

    I am preparing a student for the 13+ exam for a number of schools (one of which is Altrincham) in the Manchester area ( the schools concerned won't give advice other than "we don't think candidates need preparation") and the description of the subjects includes Non-Verbal Reasoning but doesn't specify the level. I can't find a textbook anywhere online and other searches have also come up blank. Does anyone know where I can obtain such a book?
  2. teselectronic

    teselectronic Occasional commenter

    There are
    There are plenty of specimen papers for 13+ entrance exams on - line.
    You need to apply the above, and you will get the entrance exams, for quite a few schools.
  3. polvo

    polvo New commenter

    Hi teselectronic,
    I've just attempted to access 13+ specimen papers for Altrincham and all I got was 11+. Is there any specific way of accessing them? The paper my student is taking will not be the same as Dulwich, for example.

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