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Non-striking Unions

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by milliebear1, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. LOL - while I agree with the senitment of the longer post, I am fine with the idea of non-strikers switching union to Voice. It's the only honourable thing to do in my view.
  2. When I was NUT rep, during strikes there were always a few members who didn't strike for various reasons, mostly financial but some political. For the later, some are convinced that striking makes you a Stalinist/ Scargill and may result in the Daily Mail sending out a death squad for you. I always respected their decision and never gave them a hard time as they always felt awkward.I did however point out that those who were striking were taking the hit for those not willing to, as we all benefit from concessions won using these last resort tactics.
  3. I so hope you are not my head or in my school. Idiot. You strikers be the ones feeling awkward, mate.
  4. I would be VERY interested to hear about any improvements in pay & conditions that have been pioneered by and instigated by Voice, or any other trade union that flatly does not engage in industrial action. So far, my (admittedly little) research has led me to... zero. Waiting to be proven wrong, mind.
    Trade Unions have provisions, called Hardship Funds, that disproportionately affected members (for example, a 60-year old part-time teacher who only works on a Wednesday) can apply to for a grant so this obstacle does not prevent them standing with their colleagues. This is why we pay our fees. I don't think anybody wants to lose a day's pay, especially in this climate, but when the long-term changes can leave you £100,000 out of pocket... It's not really a choice is it?
    These pension changes have NOTHING to do with demographics and
    EVERYTHING to do with the Government balancing their books of the back
    of the bailouts at the expense of the front-line worker. I suggest they
    look for that money from the industry that was responsible.
    People are slowly waking up to the real effects of direct action. It works.
    Unlike shutting up and doing as you're told.
  5. Walnuthead... there is absolutely no need for these changes to be made. Pensions were discussed and agreed only relatively recently. You think the demographic makeup of the UK has dramatically changed within the decade?! Give me a break...
    Look at the demographics of the UK and the associated predicted pension expenditure... it is actually projected to decrease in the long-term. Also, factor in the fact that a fair percentage of us won't even make it to 68... sad but true.
    Look at the public sector provision of other countries in the world... gold-plated? Here in the UK? Really? Absolute jokes.
    Look at how the current Government are actually spending our money. Do you agree with blowing up increasing numbers of innocent people in impoverished nations, as opposed to looking after British citizens in their old age? Why is the financial sector untouched? Why is military spending increasing?
    To be frank, there is absolutely NO NEED for the Government to raid ANY Public Pension Scheme. Of course the money is there to support the changes to pensions agreed only years ago, they would just rather spend it elsewhere. This is why the National Association of Head Teachers turned out en masse and decided to support industrial action for the first time in their history. This is why upto 3 million people will be taking action on the 30th.
    Hopefully, if you do some digging, you'll understand you're simply being lied to.
  6. What a silly statement.
    No, you are being lied to by the unions. (You are, no you are, no you are, no you are... actually YOU are.)
  7. I think if unions were telling lies publicallythen the governemnt media machine would be onto them like a shot.
    The government wil not, having been repeatedly asked, reveal the 2007 valuation (if it has been done) of TPS. One has to wonder why not.
    TPS has been reformed, which makes it unique amongst the public sector pension schemes, as far as I'm aware.
  8. aowensey

    aowensey New commenter

    This is directed at Walnut head and the rest of his/her ilk ...
    The government needs to look again at pensions - they can start off by ensuring everyone pays their taxes - see the front of the Times yesterday - £1 billion not paid in stamp duty by high spenders; today's Times Sting managed to pay £2 million tax less than he should have.

    I worked in local govt for nearly 18 yrs and teaching for 10; I was told I would get a pension at 60 - 27 yrs ago so how can it be right that I have to pay more, to get less for 6 more years than I expected?

    I'm afraid people like you are the selfish ones, did you say 'no I won't take the improved conditions and salary increases negotiated by unions'? Some how I don't think so. I think about young people now who will have to work until they're nearly 70 whilst the 'Fat cats' still manage to dodge the system and this government does nothing but cut things that affect normal people.

    If we don't make a stand now they'll be back to cut more things in the future. I'm not political and never have been but you need to get a grip - yes changes need to be made but start off where the big money is.
  9. This is directed to all the people who reply or acknowledge Walnuthead....

    Don't feed the troll
  10. Not a troll. A teacher with some sense.
  11. As a PGCE student, unable to strike as stated by the unions, I am still unsure as to how much I agree/disagree with the strike. One thing I have discovered is that EVERYONE is exactly the same, the Unions are clones of the Govt. The non-strikers are clones of the strikers. You all say exactly the same thing! It's all name calling and accusing "the other side" of lying.
    Reading the posts on here has had 1 simple effect on me. That I now doubt the respectability of the profession I have always looked up to!!!
    In an inner-city school I see the kids on a day-to-day basis showing more empathy, respect and consideration of other people's values and thoughts! errr.... aren't WE supposed to be THEIR role-models, NOT the other way around?????
  12. Please elaborate on your comment. It seems as if you are the one lacking in genius at this precise moment. Or am I missing the subtle nuances of your witty and articulate contribution to the debate?
  13. Please elaborate on your comment. It seems as if you are the one lacking in genius at this precise moment. Or am I missing the subtle nuances of your witty and articulate contribution to the debate?

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