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Non specialist geography

Discussion in 'Geography' started by Clarys, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Have you used the geog. books? With an accompanying website this series gets my vote.
    Alternatively, I'm an unemployed Geographer desperately looking for a teaching post, get your SLT onboard and get a specialist in!
    (OK The rant about devaluing the subject when there are unemployed specialists available is not supposed to be on this forum ;))
  2. Well Clarys, that's not up to me, but I should point out that its not great swathes of the curriculum that is being taught by the non specialist, jsut a few odd bits, but the main issue is the lack of immediate acessibility of a book like Horizons. I will preview your book suggestion and see if it is cool for us. I'm going to try reposting to other the other forums too, especially the geography one, as I forgot to do that first time (Doh!). I'll change the wording so that I don't elicit irate replies :)
    Thanks again for taking time to reply, hope you get onto a post soon.

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