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Non NQT job prospects?

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by sumi27, May 8, 2011.

  1. I've applied for a few jobs recently in a different area as my husband and I are planning to move there. However have not heard anything from them and starting to worry about job prospects. I'm currently on MPS3 pay scale, 2nd year of teaching, and concerned schools are generally looking to employ NQTs as they are cheaper, especially with all the cuts and budgets. I'm not feeling ready to take on a HOD post yet, however I have taken on quite a few responsibilities for my second year of teaching, and have written about these in my applications.... Has anyone else had the same experience, how hard is it now for art teachers to move on to different jobs nowadays? We want to get our own house and start a family in the next few years but don't feel confident about moving until I find a secure job. I love teaching and would be miserable doing supply. Any words of advice would be great! Thanks in advance.
  2. Same experience and situation I'm afraid. Wanting to relocate to a different area to live with my boyfriend (we currently run two houses this is becoming financially impossible). I'm on MPS 4 and have applied for many Teacher and Head of Dept jobs. Been for 7 interviews in the last year (been applying for a year and a half) all teacher jobs have gone to NQTs - 5 jobs and the other Head of Department jobs have gone to someone with more experience. I get good feedback from interviews but it is becomming very depressing especially with the prospect of more cuts and my own school becomming an academy - I don't want to teach supply, I know there isn't alot of that around either, but I am considering going out of teaching all together- I am at a loss really- I suppose just keep applying.
  3. Hi sumi27
    Just in case you haven't checked the jobs available on TES here's a link to all the Art & Design roles currently being advertised.
    Art & Design jobs
    Good luck
  4. Laws81, that sounds tough- keep trying.... I am getting really worried about this too and not confident at all that I will get a job! Also considering other job possibilities but this is also makes me anxious (financially, having same job satistfaction etc). The future doesn't look bright for art teachers... I guess you just have to keep applying, stay optimistic (easier said than done) and selling yourself at interviews. I will give up after a while if nothing comes up though. You can't let your job dictate your life like that.
    Thanks Gail, I look all the time at the jobs advertised here- will keep trying though :)


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