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Non fiction books

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by lizzy1608, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. lizzy1608

    lizzy1608 New commenter

    I teach a level p3 sen class. Our theme for literacy next term is non fiction books. Ideally I would like a non fiction book that is sensory or can be adapted so that it is sensory. Does anyone have any good suggestions? Previously I have done fiction sensory stories - The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom, We're going on a bear hunt etc.
  2. senlady

    senlady Senior commenter

    Off the top of my head books about countries are always good. For example, France you could dress in berets and other French dress, try French food, smell cheeses, hear another language, listen to French music etc. Or china again would allow many of this similar sensory experiences.

    Or a Sea book could allow for water play, sand play, potentially a visit to the beach or aquarium or at least pet shop too look at fish, fresh fish counter to touch them etc.

    A book about pets or particular animals might allow a visit to a pet shop or someone to bring in a pet, experience pet foods etc.

    Recipe books are a favourite non fiction text for me to make sensory.

    Electricity can allow for lots of torches, sparkly lights, dark experiences.

    Usborne books do fab non fiction books in their 'beginners' series on a HUGE range of subjects, definitely a seashore one and various countries.

    Sure there are tons of other ideas.
  3. Redbird15

    Redbird15 New commenter

    What about Space as a topic? You could use one of these books:

    Or: http://org.usbornebooksathome.co.uk...alogue.aspx?cat=1&area=EY&subcat=EYNF&id=9080

    Or what about the body eg

    (Disclaimer: I am an organiser for Usborne books but as the poster above states we have a wide range of non fiction books available, loads with flaps and bits to pull out. Links above show the books but you are obviously welcome to buy them from anywhere or similar topic books from another publisher, just wanted to make some suggestions though Usborne do give discounts for school purchases)
  4. dzil

    dzil Occasional commenter

    Jo Grace; (http://jo.element42.org/sensory-stories ) writes fiction and non fiction sensory stories with ideas for delivering them. They are specifically designed for students and children working within the early p levels and are factually accurate. Birth of a Star is brilliant, but so are cocoon, wildlife in the city, dandelion and the white kite (all non fiction). You could also look at her free resource "grow your own potato's (http://jo.element42.org/educational-materials)
    There's also a couple of great no fiction stories and ideas in her book (as well as fiction ones).
    (I'm not related and have no financial interest in her organisation, I'm just an enthusiastic fan of her work)

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