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Non-EU GTPers?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by wkclark, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. wkclark

    wkclark New commenter

    Just wondering if there are any other non-EU GTPers out there! I've been here in Britain for quite some time now, but was wondering if anyone else is about to go through the process.
    Also, I'm just about to confront the visa process and getting pretty intimidated by that fight! (not even sure it can be done with the last set of rule changes!). Would be great to hear anyone else's experience of that process (luckily I'm science so at least I'm shortage!)!
  2. Hi Kate,
    You may want to put your message on the thread about the GTP/CILT. This GTP is for prospective language teachers who are native speakers of the language they want to teach. Thus, some of the applicants may have had the same experience as yours...but I am just speculating since most of them would be EU nationals and therefore wouldn't need a visa to work/live in the UK.Another option is to post your message on http://forums.eslcafe.com/teacher/ although not specificaly for science teachers it gives you the option to ask questions such as the one you curious about.
    Good luck thrying to get through the visa quagmire!
    GT [​IMG]

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