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Non-chronological reports and ICT

Discussion in 'Primary' started by emily88, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Hi all , I am due to start a unit on NCR's next week and I am looking for some inspiration for integrating ICT into my lessons. Does anyone have any exciting ideas?

    I am also trying to find some books to support this and not having much luck! we will be focusing on our Seaside topic so any ideas are appreciated :)
  2. HI Emily,
    What about taking Pie Corbett's idea of writing about an 'imaginary' subject - dragons as a starting point and then asking the children to imitate and then innovate the writing. You could ask the children to write a Non Chronological report on a sea monster or on a sea creature e.g. shark.
    An excellent book is:
    Talk For Writing Across The Curriculum - How to teach non-fiction writing 5-12 years
    Good Luck

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