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non chronological report or information text?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by yaminsmum, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. Forgive my ignorance! But what exactly is the difference?
    I'm in Y2
  2. Forgive my ignorance! But what exactly is the difference?
    I'm in Y2
  3. If you try to get onto the new standards site (forgive me, I'm not sure of the exact address) and in the search box type in 'text types' it has a very useful document that exaplins clearly the difference between all the genres and the features you need to teach. Was in the back of grammar for writing (I think) originally.

    ooh, just found the link for text types:
  4. Had a look at the link but information text is shown under non chronological and explanations - so looks like they don't know either!
  5. DFC

    DFC New commenter

    Explanation - informs and explains why
    Non -chron report - informs in a report format
    Some non fiction types can be more than one genre.
    We do the same in fiction Eg. If you wrote a play about an alien on another planet then you would be covering playscripts in an imaginary setting.
    Does this make sense? I don't think I'm explaining it well!

  6. Any text that gives information is an information text
    Explanations, instructions, non-chronological reports are all information texts with different structures.
    Non-chronological reports usually have a structure of intro (what is the subject of the report) and then paragraphs about different aspects of the subject.
    they can be about people, places, objects, animals, events in history etc
    Intro - what is a frog?
    where do they live?
    what do they eat?
    what is their life-cycle?
    it is giving info - so it is an information text.

  7. Just panicing about the SAT's - I've done information text with them but not non chronological. Will have to try and cram some in as Head wants to do SAT's before Easter!

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