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Noisy neighbour

Discussion in 'Personal' started by knickersinatwist, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. I feel your pain - Santa left a drum kit next door. Joy of joys.
  2. I wouldn't worry about the drum kit, that fad will be gone in a couple of weeks!
  3. I think that would be even worse than the thump thump thump I am hearing. \Poor you.
    But this is making me wonder why people seem so afraid of silence - why the silence has to be filled with noise even if it is just background. At the moment, I am contemplating going to bed just to get away from it!

  4. Is it just me who finds this a really odd attitude to neighbours? I'd hate to live somewhere where the neighbours didn't speak or help each other out.
  5. Don't know about odd, but I do think it is a real shame.
    I grew up on a street where neighbours became friends, and like a chat with them when I visit home. My nan also has lots of very friendly neighbours who have been absolutely wonderful in all their help and support when grandad was ill and when he eventually passed.
    We haven't really built much of a relationship with any neighbours in our new place yet and I don't like it very much! The odd chit chat if we deliver parcels to each other that we have taken in but everyone seems so 'cautious' of each other all the time, it's quite sad really.
  6. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    My pet peeve (pardon the pun) is my downstairs neighbour's dog. From the minute she leaves the house, until the moment she returns, the dog barks constantly. I don't know where she leaves it in the house, whether she shuts it in one room or whatever, but it doesn't shut up. I'd never noticed it until I was off work ill and while back and she went out. Usually, I'm out of the house when she is so never notice it.
    It drives me to distraction, especially when I fancy nothing better than an afternoon on the sofa with no noise/music/TV, just a good book and a cup of tea.
  7. PFF - yes, a shame and a bit sad is probably a better description than 'odd'. People do seem rather suspicious of each other these days <old biddy emoticon>
  8. Oh dear, I have made that sound awful. I do speak to them, honestly, and I would help them out any time, and they would me. I am just usually in a hurry that's all, and as they have retired they have more time than me. I do sometimes invite them in for a cuppa, honestly, and we take in parcels for each other all the time. Does that sound better?
  9. It was a bit tongue in cheek but a bit true as well.

  10. Didn't mean to sound judgy, gorgybaby, just musing about different attitudes really. like living somewhere where the neighbours chat, even though it can be inconvenient if you are in a hurry!
  11. I like living. Sticky key.
  12. Well I think you think I am a weirdo.
  13. [​IMG]
    No more so than me. Believe me!
  14. We bought this house BECAUSE of the neighbours. We rented down the street for a couple of years and I've never lived somewhere so friendly, where people actually talk to each other and where you'll see groups of people stood in the street yakking away as their paths cross during the day... house was up for sale three doors down from where we rented - we went for it.
    It's been fantastic, neighbour on one side is a builder who sat and went through the survey results with us since he's worked on every house in the street over the course of time, other guy was around helping us fix a dripping pipe - they're fab.
    Yes we have problems with some further down the street - parking's the big thing here because of how the road's laid out - but 99% of the time people stick to the unwritten rule that you leave the space outside people's houses for that person's car and plonk yer leftover cars elsewhere in the street where people don't have cars or down the end. Even noise and skips and things - people drop notes around saying they're having a party or there'll be a skip delivered or something and to let them know if it's causing any inconvenience - it's really really quite nice to see.
    Never really lived somewhere in a city that still had that community feeling to it.

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