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No work

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by mimo06, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. mimo06

    mimo06 New commenter

    Did anyone else not get any work today? I am so annoyed as really needed the money. Do you think there is any work over the holidays? e.g in nurseries?

  2. I occasionally get called to go into nurseries during the holidays - tend to refuse since, well... I like my holiday too.
    The other thing that can work in your favour depending on where you're located is if term dates for neighbouring LEAs don't match up (happens quite a lot with Easter round here where one LEA does the long weekend and then a more fixed "fake Easter" half term and another sticks to the traditional pattern of 2 weeks over "real Easter" - terms I heard teaching staff actually refering to the holidays as)... has meant in the past that I've got geared up for home LEA break and blissful lie-ins, and been out working the entire week in the next LEA over... but I live right on the border of two county LEAs, with city LEAs in the middle of them, and can always duck into the next county down as well, so I'm probably better connected than a lot of people.
  3. vickyrae1970

    vickyrae1970 New commenter

    no work today , sign on on thursday and extra kick in the teeth this morning , got a rejection email for a post - feel really sick and tired .
  4. I've always found that's the general pattern with supply work - teachers limp in on a Monday, drag themselves in on a Tuesday and then flump in a heap and ring in sick on the Wednesday. I quite often, even when supply was at its height, would have an empty diary for the week going into Monday which would be full with days and half days by the end of Tuesday afternoon.
  5. I see Misterfibble. Should have work for the rest of the week then!!!
    In regards to the lower salary paid than expected - this not acceptable and for one I have made it very clear to my agencies that I will not work for less than a certain amount a day (comparable to CS's for example).
    Agencies that charge schools over the top are also to blame for this charade.
  6. Stuart dann; I agree with you entirely. As soon as my pension is sorted out, I am packing it in. I am fed up of being used, abused, insulted lied to, etc. Even worse in some ways is the idiots with whom was to deal at some agencies.
    A classic example is being repeatedly asked to produce a work permit, even though I had shown my British passport. This was then followed by a request to produce documentary evidence that I did not need a work permit. this latter, of course, was my passport..........and so on, round and round.
    Another was being asked for a certificate attesting to my proficiency in spoken English.
    Another was the agency which queried the veracity of my birth certificate after they had written to the signatory on the certificate. Since I had shown my original birth certificate, which had been issued in January 1951, a reply was not forthcoming, since the registrar was long dead and the office had moved from the temporary accomodation of the time, due to the original office having been bombed!
  7. Basso_Profundo

    Basso_Profundo New commenter

    I have begun to suspect I am being treated in a similar way.
    Unless I remember to confirm in advance, my originally agreed rate of £130/day varies between £85, £100, £120, £125, £130 at a whim
    Recently when I agreed to travel further than usual in return for a consideration for petrol, when I received the written confirmation that night, the agreed £10 for petrol was off-set by a reduction in the "full rate" from £130 to £125. This puts a sobering new slant on the old phrase of "a bit of give and take".
    Most weeks since Christmas I have only seen about two days' work; finances are getting pretty desperate. All the more so when some of this is made-up of half days paid at "cover supervisor" rates. [What is this thing with "Cover Supervisors"? I suspect a lot of it is illegal - in terms that many people taking such work are not qualified; a stark contrast from the school which paid full rate recently to hire me for a day, half of which was spent simply "supporting" a truly first class PGCE student because the school felt it wanted to cover its perceived legal need to have a fully qualified teacher in with her at all times.]
    Unless I get a permanent position soon, I may well consider leaving the profession in which I have worked damned hard to qualify, and which can, at the best of times, provide the most rewarding results, both for me and for my students.
    Sadly, I do not see much chance of agencies being brought "to heel" over some of these matters, or to disclosing their true margins, whilst the present Government is in office.
    Another point which surprises me is that a large agency, whilst bemoaning the shortage of supply work, and the reduced rates it has to accept from schools, has not only boasted to me that it always has "room for a few more exceptional faces in the office", but seems recently to have recruited 2 or 3 such individuals. Nice work if you can get it? Ironic that half their staff work in the agency office because, having applied to teach, they decidied they couldn't hack the pressure!
    Profoundly Bothered Basso

    PS - Do we need to return to the best traditions of our unions, and blatantly refuse to work for less? BP
  8. Hi Profundo, I feel exactly the same. Sat here at awake this morning at 07:15 and on Tuesday and Monday and so far zippo. This supply thing is getting ridiculous and it seems that unqualified people ARE taking lessons in which we should be.
    Getting to a point for me where every morning I feel more and more demoralised but I get up because I am available for work. Makes me mad that so many willing able teachers are not being used at all, mainly by schools that are 'saving' costs and keeping money that should be spent on learning - in the bank for a rainy day. [​IMG]

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