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No technician ....

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by skolley1987, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. skolley1987

    skolley1987 New commenter

    The college where I work made all the technicians in our department redundant.

    So, we have had a year with no technician in Art. Some tasks are getting devolved to the lecturers, e.g. stock ordering and maintenance of art rooms. One of the key issues is that the 3D workshop is frequently used as a general classroom, doors left unlocked, materials have gone missing and there is not adequate support for machine use. Frankly, it is a health and safety issue.
    Risk assessments aren't done, machinery is not maintained, COSHH regs are being lapsed.

    Can anyone direct me to somewhere I can find relevant legislation I can quote to management in support of our pleas for a new technician? It's dramatically affecting what we can offer and the health and sanity of the teaching staff
  2. forthejoyofit

    forthejoyofit New commenter

    I am pretty sure the BTEC qualification says that a technician should be present to assist students during untaught sessions. I agree with all your points above. However, if Management are mad enough to think technicians are unnecessary they are unlikely to be able to process the information you detail. Equally they will not want to back down from their decision.
    I had all this before I retired; no technician for four years, had to go in weekends and holidays to clean the workshop/make glazes/empty the kilns, etc. I was only able to do my job because my own children had left home. Management simply blanked any references to the dept needing a tech.
  3. forthejoyofit

    forthejoyofit New commenter

  4. TecHKnow

    TecHKnow New commenter

    Is your school a member of CLEAPSS? if so CLEAPSS covers Art and well as DT and Science. Contact them or visit their website science.cleapss.org.uk CLEAPSS are the advisory body for most UK school and they are regarded as a valuable source of information by both the HSE and Local government. So if your employer goes against the advice of CLEAPSS then they could be in very serious trouble.

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