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No supply work

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by yvettesissons, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. I have recently completed my NQT Induction year and my temporary one-year contract in the school has come to an end.
    I'm now looking for work and have registered with at least 5 or 6 supply teaching agencies, but I haven't had any work with them yet. Is it normal for them to be a bit quiet at this time of year, that's the only response I appear to be getting from them. I applied to many of the agencies through advertised teaching jobs which never actually seem to materialise. Is anyone else having this problem? [​IMG]

  2. Well done for getting your NQT year out of the way.

    In a lot of the country supply teaching is utterly dead and the massive surplus of budding teachers are fighting amongst themselves for the odd maternity leave (if you really win big time) or the odd job which hopefully, cross fingers isn't already lined up for someone. If you aren't so lucky, there is always the misery of applying for CS, TA jobs and hoping, crossing fingers that someone somewhere will see your enthusiasm, ability and flair!

    Best of luck, it really really is bleak out there. Since you have no time limit to worry about, you are probably best advised to do something totally different until the market picks up again (which will probably be a couple of years into strong economic growth). Don't drive yourself into the ground and don't wait for the utter misery of being totally skint force your hand. A lot of people including me struggled by eeking out the last £10 and then praying, crossing fingers and grovelling with the agency to please, please GIVE ME A DAY, I'M DYING HERE!!!!!!!!
  3. girlychemist

    girlychemist New commenter

    Well done for completing your NQT, I'm 5 years in and only got 2 terms. There is next to no work out there. I signed on today and the lady at the Job Centre told me there's no jobs being advertised anywhere.

    Agencies and job adverts? In my experience its either a fishing expedition by the agency for CVs or you've already applied direct to the school after getting a TES jobs alert.

    Good luck - to us all!
  4. Hi there
    Am envious you have done you're NQT year - well done for that. I am still hunting for that elusive NQT job and getting very disgruntled as a result. People keep saying hang in there but sometimes it seems that my arms are going to fall off if i hang in there any longer!!

    Not sure now why i ever put myself thru a F/T PGCE course (not forgetting what my family went through as well) just for this. Does it get any better as i am sooooooo doubtful ....

    wishing you luck with you're searchx
  5. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Make sure that you have also registered with the LA supply services in your travel to Work area. LA supply work will pay your to-scale and allow you to build up service in the school year that might let you move up the payscale in the next school year (you need to have been LA employed, even if only p/t, in a minimum of 26 weeks between 1st Sept and 31st Aug).
    Contact the school where you completed Induction and ask to be considered for any temporary teaching posts they have. They're obviously happy with your competence as they approved you passing Induction.
    Contact the LA advisor for you specialism and ask to be kept informed about any maternity leaves etc that they hear about.
    Make sure that you claim the cost of any CRB fees against tax. let your tax office know and it will increase your tax code and thus reduce the tax that you pay.
    Claim tax relief on your GTC fee too and also on the allowable portion of your Union subs (Union will tell you what fraction is allowable). If you haven'tb claimed those expenses in previous tax years, you can still do so now for the up to the last 5 tax years.
    We are now approaching the time of year when permanent vacancies start to be advertised so keep checking TES Jobs on-line.

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