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No Subject Specialist HOD

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by JWilliamsillustration, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. JWilliamsillustration

    JWilliamsillustration New commenter

    When I joined my new school in September I was aware that I would be joining a brand new department with as none of the current teachers in the department were staying as they all had found new teaching jobs elsewhere.

    I knew that the current HOD was leaving and he told me on my induction day he knew that management were not going to hire a new HOD even though he handed his resignation before the May 31st deadline and the school had time to find a replacement. In a recent meeting they told me they made the decision to not hire a new subject specialist HOD with the expectation the other new teacher or me would take the HOD role the next year, this wasn’t discussed in the meeting or out in the job advertisements for the role.

    When I asked the school If I was going to have a new HOD to lead the department they stated they were interviewing for the role next week so I was relieved. As time progressed I was introduced to my new HOD who was actually the new Head of Faculty and not a subject specialist teacher in my subject.

    The situation is not working out as the person cannot manage two departments and a faculty, I am being given extra duties related to my department to do that my current HOD cannot do and it is becoming increasing hard to organise the department even though I am being asked to do many extra duties, not being paid a TLR, the only full time teacher and also teaching two subjects within my department from KS3 - KS5, I am not able to get subject specific on the job training and advice from Anyone as I’m the most senior teacher in my department (3 years) and the other teacher is an NQT, I have been put in a situation where if I stay at the school next year I will have the same non subject specialist HOD or they would need to promote me to being a HOD which I do not want as I’ve already decided I do not like the school and do not want to be a HOD. I have already taken a considerable amount of time off due to stress and anxiety related to this job, more time I’m one year then the two previous years I spent at my previous school combined.

    I am worried about applying for new jobs as I am scared it doesn’t look to good I’m leaving after one year at the school but I feel I’ve got no other choice. I feel foolish for not seeing he warning signs and trusting my gut instinct when I considered against applying for the school at the same art teacher job had been advertised for three years in a row before I go it. Any advice is grateful
  2. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Apply elsewhere.
    A year is perfectly long enough to stay in a school where you aren't happy.

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