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No show - is this common?

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by niky257, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. niky257

    niky257 New commenter


    So, been a private tutor for 3 weeks and already my 2nd post on here for advice!

    Only 3rd week in and have had a no show tonight - does this happen often? Feel a bit gutted as feel it's personal/I was no good/etc etc - actually, I'm worried they think I was terrible and will get a bad reputation? Although, other tutees seem to be fine so far.

    If I'm honest with myself, this is the one I thought would be the most unreliable - ie. not a lot of interest, dad promises to email me info. etc and nothing arrives, but I also feel that as he was my very first tutee I didnt do the best job and this is why he hasnt showed tonight - and what to do now? Assume they will come next week or phone them?

    Sorry for bad grammar, it's been a long day

  2. It's not common, I'd give them a quick call and say that you expected them last night and you're just checking to make sure they are okay. At the end of the call I'd also give them a little reminder "ok, so I'll see you next week won't I?"

  3. I know tutors are at the mercy of their clients, but if it happens again without explanation, then politely drop the student. Don't be b*ggered about even if you get £20 an hour
  4. niky257

    niky257 New commenter

    well, emailed to ask politely why they had not turned up and hoped it was nothing to do with the tutoring - got a call at 9 the next morning very apologetic - coming tomorrow night instead - so we'll see -- but I must learn not to be so understanding :)

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    I agree with someone else an cancellation policy is the best way to approach - this is mine below - I have had one cancellation at short notice - in 4 months- I
    Cancellation policy

    Please note I reserve the
    right to charge for lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. Clearly if there is a sudden illness or emergency
    I would hope to rearrange.

    I suggest lessons are
    arranged a month or so in advance for both your and my own convenience.

    I would also after the first
    month like payment in advance

    Cash, cheques or BACS is
    fine for payment


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