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No respect & stressed out

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by nattig, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. nattig

    nattig New commenter

    <font face="Calibri">Was having a brilliant time at my second placement until we came back from half term. The school is brilliant but I&rsquo;m starting to feel unwanted here. There are a few teachers here in my department and I take classes from each of them. It is very difficult as they all have their own ideas about what I should be doing in my classes and what is good practice in the eyes of one teacher is bad practice in the eyes of another.</font><font face="Calibri">My mentor is very busy and doesn&rsquo;t have a lot of time for me. I don&rsquo;t feel as though he respects me at all. I think that because I am young (22) and female he looks down on me. </font><font face="Calibri">I love teaching when I don&rsquo;t have someone sitting in the room staring at me the whole time and so I know that I&rsquo;ll be fine once my PGCE is over &ndash; but everyday I&rsquo;m counting down the days until I finish. That shouldn&rsquo;t be right?!</font><font face="Calibri">I&rsquo;ve tried to talk to my university mentor but again, he is very busy and doesn&rsquo;t respond to my e-mails. Since I am a Secondary PGCE student, I am in placement now, without going back to university until the end of May. </font>Is there any way of coping with stresses like these??
  2. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    You do what experienced teachers do for OfSted.
    In general, follow the school rules and procedures; have clear boundaries and stay professional. Jump through the hoops required by the class teacher when you are being observed. Do it your own way once you qualify.
  3. rainbow_gold

    rainbow_gold New commenter

    come on here and vent to other trainees and experienced teachers :) you are honestly not alone!!

    although everyones experiences are different, and some of us have been fortunate enough to have incredibly supportive mentors whereas others feel a little bit more isolated, it is a very stressful year for everyone.

    As Eva says, jump through the hoops, take the advice and try and try again - all we can do is our best! Just think - only about 10 more teaching weeks of pgce and then your done [​IMG]

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