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no reply after interview

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Homeeducator2011, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Homeeducator2011

    Homeeducator2011 New commenter

    I've attended an assessment day with interview, presentation, and other tasks, which was very thorough and demanding, more than 2 weeks ago. The teacher training provider hasn't got back to me at all (although they said they would let me know "later in the week"...) I don't know what to make of it. Does it mean that I should forget about it, or they are still considering my application? I've emailed them, but still no reply... Is it normal to wait that long?
    Many thanks
  2. blueskydreaming

    blueskydreaming Lead commenter

    One uni I applied to spent more than a month processing my application, before deciding they did want to interview me. At the time unis had a certain number of days to look at your application, then if they didn't reject or invite to interview UCAS automatically passed it to the next uni on the list (applications went down your list one by one, so you put unis in order of preference). I thought it was rude, I guess in reality they were busy, although in comparison with the other unis their admin obviously had a problem.

    It could be that your training provider is experiencing similar admin issues. UCAS should release your application after a certain number of days, which will allow you to apply for others if you're in the Apply 2 phase. Personally it would not bode well that the provider is incapable of admin!
  3. Homeeducator2011

    Homeeducator2011 New commenter

    Thank you very much for your reply, it is very appreciated.
    I'm still in phase 1, and they were rather quick to offer me an interview after applying, although they gave me an interview date at a much later date. They actually called me on my mobile to offer me an interview, and communication with them during the application process was rather good. They are not a uni but they do have lots of applicants.
    My UCAS application says my providers have until February 17th to reply. If there is still no reply from them by then, do I assume I have been rejected? Are they obliged to reply, or to provide any feedback?
    I understand the situation might be admin, but it still very strange to me, especially as they seemed so accessible and open to my application
  4. mandala1

    mandala1 Occasional commenter

    No big drama - just phone the admissions department and ask if a decision has been made. People do make mistakes and things do slip.
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  5. blueskydreaming

    blueskydreaming Lead commenter

    Just keep going, as if it is a rejection, and keep applying to other providers or waiting to hear from the other providers. You can't do anything to speed them up if they've got admin issues.
  6. Homeeducator2011

    Homeeducator2011 New commenter

    Thank you again for the replies. I finally managed to get through to them on the phone, and they said that "unfortunately they won't be taking me to the second round of assessment." It is regrettable that I was kept waiting for so long and they didn't even bother replying. I put so much effort into applying with them (I did my schooling abroad so they had specific requirements - other providers I applied to had different requirements). I requested some feedback and they said they would give me a call back.
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