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No pay rise

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by birdygirl, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. birdygirl

    birdygirl New commenter

    I’m currently UPS2 and was told I couldn’t progress to UPS3 until I have whole school impact in an area that isn’t one that I lead (still working out how to do that?!)

    Anyway, I was expecting a small rise in pay due to the 2% pay rise I’d read about, however, my pay is exactly the same as last year. Does everyone not get the rise?
  2. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    I posted this on another thread, but worth copying here:
    STPCD is often wrongly read as having to apply to each point on a pay scale (of which schools are free to label them how they wish). It doesn't.
    It says: (my bold)
    September 2018 pay award
    In response to the recommendations in the STRB’s 28 th Report, from 1 September 2018:
    i. a 3.5% uplift has been applied to the statutory minima and maxima of the main pay range and of the unqualified teachers pay range.
    ii. a 2% uplift to the statutory minima and maxima of the upper pay range, the leading practitioner pay range and all allowances across all pay ranges.
    iii. a 1.5% uplift to the leadership pay ranges (including headteacher groups).
    Except for teachers and leaders on the minima of their respective ranges or group ranges, schools must determine – in accordance with their own pay policy – how to take account of the uplift to the national framework in making individual pay progression decisions.
    All pay uplifts will be back-dated to 1 September 2018.
  3. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    So in answer to your question, NO, your school does not have to apply the 2% pay rise to UP2.
    However it may be the case that they just haven't got around to it yet and you will get it in November. Ask in school - either HT, union rep or HR,
  4. birdygirl

    birdygirl New commenter

    Thank you, I’ll speak to the head!

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