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No pay parity as Head of Maths in Sixth Form College

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by alfie234, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. alfie234

    alfie234 New commenter

    Hi I am a Head of Department for Mathematics in a sixth form College.
    We offer A-level Maths, A-level Further Maths, GCSE Maths and Pre-GCSE courses ( Level 1 and Entry)
    We are a larger than average Department in the College.

    I manage a Department of 4 staff:
    Myself on Sixth Form Colleges Band B pay (Took up post in Summer 2014)
    Second in Department on Band A ( Started in 2004) who is FTE 0.8 - manages A-Level FM and GCSE
    Course Leader on Band A (Started in 2005)- 1.0 FTE manages Pre-GCSE
    Teacher of Maths on FTE 0.6

    My line manager is on Band D. He is Head of Faculty for Science, Maths, Computing and Sport.

    I have been very discontent recently for the following reasons:
    1. When I took up post as HoD in Summer 2014 the then Principal verbally promised my salary would increase to Band C in Decmeber 2014 due to financial reasons. This never materialised. He left in Feb 2015 and the current principal said there is no evidence in writing to say that the pay increase was promised. I have shown her email exchanges and performance appraisal documents highlighting my concerns about my remuneration promise but she has discounted it all.

    2. I have come to realise there are single department HoDs who are on the same remuneration as myself. For example, HoD Sport and HoD History get paid on Band B. They manage fewer than 50 students on two courses whereas my Department has over 200 students on a range of courses. Additionally, yhey do not line manage anyone yet they are on the same pay band as myself!
    Other single department HODs such as Computing and Physics have recently been appointed on Band A for simply managing their courses, again with fewer students and no staff to line manage.

    3. The pay differential between myself and my second in department and course leader is a measly £1500, Yet I have ultimate strategic and operational responsibility. My role as HoD often involves cross-college liaison with other Departments such as English, involvement in timetabling, planning curriculum pathways yet other HoDs have an easier role to fulfil on the same pay Band.

    When I raised the issue of pay parity with my Principal last year, she discounted the promise of the previous Principal remunerating me at Band C and pointed out the results in the Maths Department have not been great recently. Additionally, she says there are three people in the Department on management points.
    I know for a fact other Sixth Form Colleges ( without mentioned their names) pay their HoDs from Band C right up to Band E.
    The Head of English in my College is also Head of Faculty for Languages and Arts so she is remunerated on Band D like my line manager.

    ALL I WANT IS PARITY AND FAIRNESS! I feel I am being underpaid and used.

    A. I know the FE/Sixth Form College sector is cash-strapped but is my Principal right to use this to disregard my concern about my pay parity and workload?


  2. nervousned

    nervousned Senior commenter

    A department of four and you have two people on band A. I find that amazing.
    I was Head of Maths of a department of four in a sixth form college. I was on B and had no assistant or course leaders. I got band C after departments merged, managing 12 people in 3 different departments. Still no assistant or course leaders. The only Heads of Maths in sixth form colleges that I know on a C either run merged departments or have large departments with 10 members of staff. Without anything in writing I don't think you have a good case. It'd be easier to find a job paying a C but you'd probably have to manage a lot more people.
  3. agnes99

    agnes99 New commenter

    Alfie your post could be identifying, I advise you to get it removed.

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