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No more booze until Feb

Discussion in 'Personal' started by ian60, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    Anyone else want to join me on this cold and lonely path? I think I might need some support.
    All pm's welcome.
  2. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    I thought you were in the 'dry' middle east?
    Confused [​IMG]
  3. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    You are correct, I am in the ME, but booze is allowed in my host country.
  4. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

  5. I shall be abstaining when I start Weightwatchers later this month. Got to get it all in now!!!!
    I hope you do better than I did last year - no alcohol January only lasted until the 10th!
  6. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Was the festive indulgence really that bad?

  7. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    That defeats the purpose does it not? [​IMG]
  8. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    I can understand your reaction. I have spent some time in the ME too. My understanding was that the availabilty of alcohol does really vary from area to area.
  9. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    It really is time I took a break from booze, but it has become a habit, so it might not be that easy.
  10. I lasted until yesterday!! And today has been a baaad day. 1 hour until the kids are in bed . I'll start again next week. ;-)
  11. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Fair doos. Now that I am clearer on your OP I can wish you a heart felt good luck.[​IMG]

  12. bnm


    I considered doing this but decided it would be too hard. Am trying to cut back instead and have more alcohol-free days in the week.
  13. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    I've had no booze since last Sept.
  14. Good luck.
    I stopped all alcohol completely in the few months during training leading up to my moonwalk and although it was really really hard at first I ended up not missing it at all.
    I barely drink now.
  15. Ah, I do this often.
    I will have a few months free of alcohol and don't miss it at all.
    I am, however, currently drinking a nicely cooled Pils!

  16. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    Can you not find something "soft" that you don't mind drinking? I'd look for something that isn't high in sugar as well so that you have fewer calories too.
  17. Can I finish the bottle?! One glass will do me nicely.
  18. So if you have it on a Friday you are not sleepless and consequently cranky on Saturday? I used to love my Friday wine but unfortunately that moromic wandering around state on Saturdays mean I have had to stop
  19. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    I drink less than I used to and can manage the single small glass that used to be a problem. If I'm out I drink tonic as an alternative to alcohol, you can sip it as it's bitter and if I'm at home i make a cup of camomile tea. I'm sure I'm still often over advised limits for a middle aged woman though. Before Xmas realised I had only got two nice wine glasses left so i dug out some old ones, bought in the 70s i think. They were so much smaller and a much better measure tbh. I asked for some small wine glasses and was given some from Muji but they're still so much bigger than the ones we used "in the old days". I generally have a drink 4 or 5 nights out of 7. No plans to give up at present - I'm so bloody moderate in everything else a girl has got to have a bit of fun!
  20. I usually stop at three-quarters so I avoid the shambling Saturday zombie status [​IMG].
    Lindenlea, I fessed up to (maximum and not every week) 20 units at a recent hospital appointment and it was waved away as "nothing".

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