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'No Longer Providing Statutory Education'

Discussion in 'Cymru - education news' started by Zoda8, Apr 17, 2020.

  1. Zoda8

    Zoda8 New commenter

    I am a Y3/4 teacher in Wales. We have been told by leadership that we are no longer providing statutory education, and I'm not sure what exactly I am 'selling' to pupils and parents come Monday . We provided some take home work and online support before the two week Easter 'break', but engagement has fizzled out over Easter. Is Monday 20th April in any way different from Friday 17th April as far as pupils at home are concerned? I am tempted to provide online support regardless of whether it is deemed 'statutory education'. In some ways not having a deluge of directives from on high makes it a lot easier to find my way. We have been told that as we are no longer providing statutory education, there is no requirement for planning. Whilst traditional weekly plans seem a bit silly, does this mean, for instance, no shared topic between classes? This would give me more freedom, but I can't help thinking some degree of ongoing collaboration would be a good thing. Gwe has set out some useful principles like not aping school but focussing on physical and mental wellbeing and the opportunities available at home. On the basis of this schools can work to agreeing a model for learning, but I'm not sure what position we are in right now (come Monday), and I don't want to miss the impetus which might come from sounding confident that I know what we are doing. Also mulling how to combine online school for at home pupils with vulnerable children and critical worker cover for at school pupils.

    Just thinking out loud - any thoughts from anyone would be most welcome.

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