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No longer meeting threshold standards

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by Chull, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. Chull

    Chull New commenter

    I went on maternity leave in July 2009. Before I left I submitted my application for Threshold and was successful. I returned to work March 2010. A new head started at around the same time. Since then I have not been doing too well. Three lesson observations have all been graded as satisfactory and the HT has expressed concerns, albeit not since June 2010, about my ability to be the literacy co-ordinator. I fear I no longer meet the Threshold standards, but am pretty sure I still meet the core standards: lessons satisfactory and positive work/ planning scrutinies, pupils deemed to be making good progress in Autumn term.
    What can happen to me? Given that Threshold can not be taken away, does this mean I face competency procedures? One of the success criteria for Performance management was three good lesson observations (Same for all post threshold teachers) MPS teachers were targeted for three satisfactory lessons.
    I have lost my confidence. I cannot put in any more work. I am working hours far in excess of those before I had my son (and I now only work 0.8).

    ROSIEGIRL Senior commenter

    Union for advice!
  3. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    I would agree with Rosie if you feel under threat but is that the issue? I have known a number of outstanding teachers return from maternity with similar problems relating to confidence. It has been my impression that they expected to walk back into their old working life and carry on as if nothing had happened only to be a bit traumatised by the difference in themselves and their perception of their own performance. A couple have been very badly affected. I have also returned after a relatively short absence due to ill health and noticed the difference in my own confidence/performance - for nearly a year.
    I would advise you to really take a good look at the difference working P/T and having a small life you are responsible for at home make to the hours, effort and mental commitment you put in. Then consider what you used to do, the times you had a great idea for a lesson/approach/strategy/initiative - would you have them in the same way now that you are thinking about juggling time, the problems even healthy young children can run into, the responsibilities they bring with them etc etc?
    You are not the same person (in terms of what you do with your time out of class and your mental energy) but you are judging yourself by the same criteria. You are probably also working in the same ways you used to. This can change - you have probably also grown as a result of your recent experiences, which can be a great source of strength - I would have to defer to others with an experience of motherhood and hope some can come forward with words of wisdom and support.
    If your head has any brains (not a given, admittedly) then competency will be a long way off. If you can, talk to them, discuss the way you are feeling, ask for support eg advice from others in school, greater consultation with your PM reviewer prior to LOs.
  4. Chull

    Chull New commenter

    Thankyou both for your advice.
    Things are brighter now the holidays are here.

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