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NO knock and run.....

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Bethannie, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    I knew someone who was (very briefly) a postman.
    He complained that his bike was so heavily loaded with letters/packets/small parcels that he could hardly move it. The postmen also had a strict timetable they had to stick too. He said that it was 'not unusual' for postmen to deliberately leave larger parcels at the depot and take a ready-written card (which is why the times don't always appear correct....they're ready written to save time and allow the postman to make a quick getaway!)
    (This is the same former postman whose wife found a few sacks of undelivered mail in her house because he hadn't been able to complete his round in the set time,,,he kept planning to 'cvatch up' later!.....he didn't keep the job long!)
  2. I am waiting for a parcel from amazon (this is the third time I have had to get this parcel, due to defectiveness and wrong item) and this morning got a message from Amazon saying that the post office had been unable to deliver parcel. I looked at the post office website and it said the parcel had been delivered... So I look on porch again and no parcel. call post office and they say that an attempt had been made and a note left. I told them there was no note left. I asked if they could keep it at PO and OH could pick it up as he wouldn't be home a lot of the day. Man at PO said it was already out for delivery. I asked if I could leave verbal permission for it to be left on porch, he said that was fine as no signature was required anyway! So why wasn't it left yesterday? Probably because the lazy bugger didn't come to the house at all!
  3. [​IMG]

    There was no post for elfy today. :¬((
  4. We got post today - a letter from Aviva telling us they werent willing to life unsure my OH because he is diabetic!
  5. My postie leaves my parcels on my doorstep (the inside one) tucked inside the frame so not on show, or leaves them with a neighbour. She is lovely and has been doing our round for years, so she knows who is home when, who it is ok to leave stuff with, or she will lug it all away again and bring it back the next day if she knows you will be home. She is a right star.
    Only time I ever get a card to say pick something up, is if it needs signing for.


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