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No interviews then three at once...what to do now? HELP!

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Diddysan, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Diddysan

    Diddysan New commenter

    I'd rather not **** you.... I don't even know what you look like!!!!! [​IMG]
  2. How shallow - my beauty is from the inside!
  3. Thank u foneypharoah :) Ideally we wanted to go Qatar but have an interview at a fantastic school in Sharjah in the UAE tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed.x
  4. kemevez

    kemevez Occasional commenter

    It's a funny old world. Sometimes you are waiting sometimes they all want you. If you are offered a gud'n in a country that you would like to live in, my advice is to take it right there and right then. Unless you have an extreme career ladder vs lifestyle bias ( or vice versa) it's best to take a good offer when it's offered.
  5. kemevez

    kemevez Occasional commenter

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have a beam of light to catch
  6. Enlighten me kemevez!
  7. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    I apply for jobs I want but as time passes some things come to light - new information or the manner of dealings with a school - that means I'm not as interested as when I first applied.
    Sometimes I get offered an interview and proceed for the experience - after a few years not searching you can lose your sharpness - though would suggest that my performance maybe affected by my lessened desire.
    Regarding the thread I'd suggest anyone with multiple interviews should be very content but, as above, proceed as If you have none until a job is offered. Too many tecahers are struggling for work. With skype it is so easy to interview multiple candidates and you may believe you are highly regarded when really you are one of a large batch with potential. A cheaper teacher (without a partner or with less experience) or one who fits the school needs (offering sports or music) would gazump a more impessive candidate in my school as we are a devloping smaller sized school.
    In Autumn, we wanted a position in Japan and had been enthuisastically received by the head, having the dilemma of what to do in the meantime. I kept firing off those CV's and eventually landed my present post. The dream Japan post never materialised and I was not shortlisted!
  8. Dry, 40 minutes from Dubai, a little dull (Sharjah Wanderers RFC is one of the few places of fun).
    There is a chew-fat school in Sharjah but I know nothing about any others.

  9. I knew someone who worked at a school there and had to wear a uniform, which I thought was odd. She was given a couple of items, eg 2 shirts and a skirt and had to buy extras. Not sure if it's still the case as it was about 10 years ago.
  10. v12


    I take it you work in Dubai, Foneypharaoh!
    I've just had a series of interviews for a school in Dubai, and it looks as if they might offer me the post.
    Could I pm you with a couple of questions?
    Many thanks.
  11. Not me, V12. Sorry to be unhelpful, but I was being sarcastic. I do not like Dubai.
    But there are good schools and dreadful schools there. PM Stopwatch - he will be very helpful and knows the score.

  12. momentofclarity

    momentofclarity New commenter

    Would love to know some more details on this, have honestly never heard those words used in the same sentence
  13. I don't understand why there's so much negativity. The school isn't on *** but had the interview yesterday, net the head, I've done some research & it seems like a good school. Even the telegraph has rated the school well.
    Can some shed some light re the negativity???
  14. momentofclarity

    momentofclarity New commenter

    I suppose it would come across as negativity, but after spending 4 years in the UAE there was never a school mentioned in Sharjah that fit with the word "fantastic". There are only a couple of schools in that city and they are all pretty solidly below par (and below par in the UAE is really saying something!). Is it a new school? Established? Part of a major group of schools? Sharjah as a city is mellow, but close to Dubai (depending on traffic, can still be a couple hours if you get caught in a snarl). It is officially dry, as far as I am aware this extends to hotels as well.
  15. Well we're both of Islamic faith so don't drink anyway so that's nt an issue. The school is near the American university and its the English school near the american university which has been established for nearly 40 yrs now. The principal seemed like a genuine bloke and the offer was impressive too...
  16. momentofclarity

    momentofclarity New commenter

    Fair enough. If you get a good vibe thats really the best thing to go on. Apologies for making assumptions about drinking, it is the typical concern for UK expats and I have found the lack of it is usually enough to disuade people regardless of the quality of school...strange I know!

    If the website is accurate the only thing I find strange is the short period the secondary school has been open relative to the rest of the school, facilities look excellent (from a PE and arts point of view anyway).
  17. Yes we got good vibes and as I said he was a very humble and genuine bloke. I don't mind that secondary hasn't been opened for ling as it has a pretty small intake anyway. School seems to be well resourced so I would like to bring about good teaching and learning in their secondary phase. My kids will be in primary which has been around for a long time and according to my research seems ok.

    And it's ok, I have found that people do automatically assume we drink which is understandable, not to worry.
  18. And I don't know why I've thought so much into it... We don't find out whether we have got the jobs until Tuesday by the latest. Fingers crossed.x
  19. Thisismytruth

    Thisismytruth New commenter

    I hope that works well for you. Like previous posters, I have never heard the words 'good', 'school' and 'Sharjah' in the same sentence.
  20. I'm worried now.... And confused!

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