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Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by gtprami, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Hi All!

    I applied for the Kirklees GTP and I got shortlisted for interview. Seems strange to say, but my interview went well, but to my disappointment, I didn't secure a place for the Primary GTP. I also don't have a PGCE place either, although I would ideally prefer something work-based. Does anyone know if there is anywhere with places where I could do something based in a school and be able to train as a teacher at the same time? Or indeed if anyone could suggest any ideas as to what I could do to lessen the disappointment of waiting yet another year for the next cohort!
    Thank you in advance!

  2. Did you apply anywhere else or just to Kirklees? You need to apply for as many as you can to keep your options open as places are so limited. I applied to 3 this year (Kirklees being one of them!) and was offered places at two of them. As far as I'm aware, GTP is the only programme available around here where you are employed rather than being a student. Again, you are right that you will have to wait a year to apply again. But use this to your advantage. Make sure you get feedback as to why you weren't successful and do what you can to prepare yourself for next year. I had an interview with Kirklees last year and wasn't successful but did what they said to prepare for this year. Strangely, I didn't even get an interview with them this year, but not only had interviews with the other two providers but was offered places by both of them! So try and use the feedback to prepare yourself for next year's applications and keep your options open and apply to as many places as possible.
  3. Hi, I have exactly the same questions as you so thanks for posting. I also applied to Kirklees but have yet to hear. Am assuming I'm not successful though, as people posted their successes last week.
    Personally, I am a career changer and have already spent 2 years as an ETA, and as much as I love the job I simply cannot afford to do another year with so little pay (single mum). I want to teach more than anything but feel like the door is about to shut forever.
    Just wish the letter would arrive so I can make plans for my and the kids' future. I wish you all the very best of luck and success. If you can, try again. I know I have to earn more to keep this roof over my kids' heads.
  4. Watermelon,

    I know exactly how you feel. I have changed careers from a completely different field because I want to settle down and have children and I feel teaching is something which would work perfectly with family life. Furthermore, after working at a Primary school, I felt teaching was my vocation. I began to wonder what I was thinking of to ever work in the corporate field. It's something I want desperately, and I just feel it is further delaying my desire to start a family. It was a big step to take this decision initially and to live with all the changes of working as a T.A.-not least the pay! But I thought it would be worth it. The thought of waiting yet another year frustrates me! I just want to be settled doing the job that I love and making a difference in a career where I feel there is so much job satisfaction. :-([​IMG]

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