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No Colour Bar: Black British Art in Action 1960-1990

Discussion in 'School trips' started by versym, Dec 9, 2015.


Have you ever consider taking your class to London Guildhall Art Gallery?

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  1. versym

    versym New commenter

    Guildhall Art Gallery is currently hosting a ground-breaking exhibition: an interactive look at Black British cultural identities, heritage and the diverse creative voices that emerged to help shape contemporary Britain.

    No Colour Bar: Black British Art in Action 1960-1990
    is a first of its kind fine art and archive exhibition looks at social history, political action and creativity and assembles a significant body of signature work.

    Schools are invited to take part in a session during the week of 11th to 15th January (with the possibility of two further dates on 18th and 21st January). The sessions run from 10am-12noon and/or 1pm-3pm.

    Schools are offered the unique opportunity to explore the fine art, posters, book covers, letters and other archive material on display in cases and sculptures throughout the Gallery. There is also the chance to take part in a workshop where teachers can choose to focus on one particular aspect, topic or theme in a a cross-curricular session.

    For schools wishing to extend their day, a visit to London Metropolitan Archives can be arranged; allowing for more in-depth time with other important materials found in the Huntley archive collection.

    Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to make a booking at
    020 7332 3851 or helena.boehm@cityoflondon.gov.uk

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