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No certificate of Criminal Conviction from Hong Kong

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by marriotthk66, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. lsac0902

    lsac0902 New commenter

    Sorry elkeisea, I can't help you. Actually, I need the HK police certificate to immigrate to Canada.
  2. terezaleongyntg

    terezaleongyntg New commenter

    Is it possible to have a letter of your good conducts, rather than a certificate of no criminal conviction from Hong Kong? I live in England, but I’ve lived in HK over fiver years. I am so worried about how I can get that certificate if the school needs.
  3. qtylee

    qtylee New commenter

    I am from Hong Kong and recently seeking early childhood teaching opportunity overseas. I had an interview and the employer wants me to work with them, however I will need the certificate of no criminal conviction. I told the employer that I could not get it as it's for certain purposes only and I can do a "Sexual Conviction Record Check". I thought everything will be okay but then I find that the employer has to call to the telephone checking system with a Hong Kong number (with in Hong Kong) to check my status. No written record/certificate will be given.

    It's really a painful and frustrating. It's not that I have committed any crime or not qualified. I really hope these certificates could be obtained easily like other countries. Can we do anything about it?
  4. Hi , i we in the same situation now all documents are ready for post but we stuck with a payment , how and where i can get this cheque ? as i went to few banks here in UK and they absolutely have no idea how to do that cheque they keep telling me they need bank account who i sending it to . please help
  5. miriamclark2014

    miriamclark2014 New commenter

  6. miriamclark2014

    miriamclark2014 New commenter

    Hi, what address did you use for the FCO?
  7. ptennant01

    ptennant01 New commenter

    For anyone not returning to their home country and moving somewhere new, this might be useful...

    I am in the middle of this process and as suggested by others, it’s painful and so unnecessary. You cannot simply ask for a certificate prior to leaving, so you must submit your request to the address stated, with all relevant documents. (https://www.police.gov.hk/ppp_en/11_useful_info/cert_no_crime.html#oversea)

    From overseas I recently sent the application and permission form, photocopies of several ID’s (just to be sure), fingerprints taken in my home country, my new teaching job contract, a bank draft (different to a cheque and can be organized at most banks) and a letter from my new school requesting the certificate.

    The reply from HK Police was that they need an official government request from the country I am moving to (Peru!) in order to process my request. A private company/employer is not sufficient as the certificate will be sent directly to the government office and not your actual school. It seems ridiculous that a simple teaching job requires the government of my new country to get involved in this capacity, but that’s the only option. I suggest you request your new school to help organizing this as soon as possible as it can take some time.
  8. Rosiemonster

    Rosiemonster New commenter

    Ok. So continuing on this thread. I got a job and have done all the documents but according to HK site only bankers draft or personal cheque will be accepted. I don’t have my cheque book from my old HK account (which has no money in anyway). Apparently only Barclays do bankers drafts but they said they don’t do them in HK dollars. Does anyone know of any other way to get a bankers draft so I can send the application off to HK?

    HK is in lockdown so the office is now not taking any appointments so I no longer have any option to send to a friend to go. My only other option would be to ask a friend to send me a cheque for the right amount I guess but as they are in lockdown I feel a bit reluctant to do that right now.
  9. guineastar

    guineastar New commenter

    I worked in Italy and China and neither country's consulates replied to my responses for a proof of non-conviction. I paid for an ACRO and this has satisfied all my UK employers.
  10. clovispoint

    clovispoint Occasional commenter

    HK isn't in lockdown but offices are generally working from home.

    A bit convoluted, I know, but could you go online, order a new cheque book to your friend's address; they post that to you. You can easily transfer (or have them transfer) the fee to you account and write a cheque. Alternatively get a bank draft issued in HKD- this should be possible (at a cost probably more than the fee for the certificate). I seriously doubt it is only Barclay's that issue them.

    It is definitely easier to sort this out before you leave- not much help now, I know.

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