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No certificate of Criminal Conviction from Hong Kong

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by marriotthk66, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. marriotthk66

    marriotthk66 New commenter

    I taught in Hong Kong for many years and they have now changed the rules (you used to be able to just collect one as an individual - I have one from 2005):

    "The authorities in Hong Kong have declared that Certificates of No Convictions (CNCC) can only be obtained for reasons relating to applications for a visa to visit or reside in another country, or for adoption of children. Applications for any other purpose will not be accepted."

    So how are teachers supposed to get one, and if I can't get one does this mean I can't teach in the UK?

    A friend of mine who was going to teach in Qatar got the Qatar consulate to help him. When I left Hong Kong last year I was going to teach in a private school in Poland. The Polish consulate wouldn't help me because I wasn't Polish and the British consulate wouldn't help me because I wasn't going to teach in the UK.

    I have now returned to the UK and would like to do some supply teaching. It's easy to get a police check from Poland but how on earth do I get one from Hong Kong? Does anyone have experience of this?
  2. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    now, am i being really thick here, but surely you need one to "reside in another country". or have i totally misread that o_O
  3. marriotthk66

    marriotthk66 New commenter

    I meant Certificate of NO Criminal Convictions of course!
  4. marriotthk66

    marriotthk66 New commenter

    Not sure what you mean - but as a British and EU national I didn't need a visa (or a certificate of no criminal convictions) to reside in Poland or the UK!
  5. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    ok, it sounded to me, again probably me being thick, that they would only give you one IF you need a CNCC "for reasons relating to applications for a visa to visit or reside in another country, or for adoption of children."

    from what you quoted it looks like the "visa" issue is separate to residing in another country. i think the "or" may be significant.....or i might have completely misread this whole thread sorry.

    have you actually contacted them?
  6. ljf1aber

    ljf1aber New commenter

    It is a nuisance, but it is possible, even if you are not returning to the UK to teach:

    1) Get your current or previous school to write a letter to the UK Consulate in HK, asking for a referral letter to the HK Police in Wan Chai. The letter must state that you are returning to the UK to teach (a white lie won't hurt).
    2) Take the letter to the Consulate. Pay 550HKD, they create another letter, which you take to Wan Chai Police Station.
    3) HKID and UK Consulate letter in hand, join the queue, fill in the paperwork and pay another 220HKD.
    4) 4 weeks later, the Police Clearance will be sent to the UK Consulate, from where you can collect.

    A lot of paperwork and hoops to jump through. I'm not sure how you would do it if you have already left HK.....

    Good luck!
  7. marriotthk66

    marriotthk66 New commenter

  8. marriotthk66

    marriotthk66 New commenter

    Thanks but the problem is that I am not in Hong Kong. I left in April 2016.

    I wonder if a friend can do it on my behalf? I would probably have to get a power of attorney or something which would cost even more money!
  9. caihong88

    caihong88 New commenter

    Hi marriotthk66

    How did you get on with getting a cert of no cc. I am going through the same process now. Originally from the UK, returned to live there after 5 years in Hong Kong. I want to do supply teaching in the UK. I wrote to the office in HK for the cert of no cc and they said I should submit all docs and then they would consider if they would process it as an exemption. No guarantees but |I will still need to pay £70 for fingerprints, £41 for a bank draft etc....Am requesting the same thing from New Zealand, so easy... short online application, 5 days to process and £30 payment from my credit card. Really interested to know what happened with your application. Thanks
  10. marriotthk66

    marriotthk66 New commenter

    It's a long process and costs money. First you need to write to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. They asked for a letter from a school, but as I wasn't working yet I just sent them a copy of my teacher registration (DFE number). You also send them a certified copy of your passport (can be done at Post Office) and a postal order for something like £60. They then send you a letter which you forward to the Hong Kong Police with an application form, copy of your ID and your fingerprints and a cheque - can't remember the exact amount $300?. The fingerprint bit is annoying because there are hardly any places in the UK that do old style fingerprinting. I had to go to the Met forensic services in London and pay something like £70. You can book an appointment for this online. Then eventually the Hong Kong Police will send the certificate to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office who will forward it to you!

    Phew ...I think I remembered everything. You can imagine it takes a while.
  11. jasminparsons

    jasminparsons New commenter

    Thank you so much for this information. I feel like I have been pulling my hair out for the last week trying to determine the best way to get this document. Bureaucracy in HK can be such a pain sometimes. Do you remember roughly how long it took you to get it in the end? And were the Foreign and Commonwealth obliging when you asked them to provide a supporting letter? Thanks again and happy teaching!
  12. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    Lack of a CNCC from HK may not be the problem you fear. There is no rule that says a UK school cannot employ you if you cannot get a CNCC from another country where you have worked. The requirement, in the DfE statutory guidance on safeguarding, para 114, is "Individuals who have lived or worked outside the UK must undergo the same checks as all other staff in schools or colleges. In addition, schools and colleges must make any further checks they think appropriate so that any relevant events that occurred outside the UK can be considered."

    The DfE guidance then points schools to this Home Office guidance on the availability of overseas CNCCs where the school will see that CNCCs for HK are no longer available.

    Hong Kong

    The authorities in Hong Kong have declared that Certificates of No Convictions (CNCC) can only be obtained for reasons relating to applications for a visa to visit or reside in another country, or for adoption of children. Applications for any other purpose will not be accepted.

    To allow you to obtain a CNCC from to support an application for a UK visa, you will need to submit your completed visa application form as part of the Hong Kong Police process (you will not need a separate letter from the Consulate if you provide this).

    Further details on how to obtain a CNCC from the Hong Kong police can be found at this link: http://www.police.gov.hk/ppp_en/11_useful_info/cert_no_crime.html#oversea

    The CNCC will be forwarded directly to the Visa Application Centre in Hong Kong.

    Please note that the process of applying for a CNCC will take four weeks and that you should make your appointment at the visa application centre no earlier than four weeks after the date that you submit your application for a CNCC.

    Applicants wishing to making a priority visa service application will need to apply for the CNCC first. When the CNCC is received at the Visa Application Centre an e-mail will be sent to applicants. Applicants can then submit an application for the priority visa service at that point and either attend the appointment originally booked or choose to make a new earlier appointment.

    The Information on this country was last updated on: 23 October 2015
    As long as the UK school has satisfactory references from your HK school, and as long as it has CNCC from your other overseas employments, and a clean UK DBS check, I doubt that it will prove to be an issue. UK schools should understand that it isn't reasonable to require a CNCC when the authorities of that country do not issue them. If you can, make sure overseas references state explicitly that they never had any safeguarding concerns about you.
  13. rouxx

    rouxx Lead commenter

    Slightly off topic - but connected - the UK will not give you a certificate if you no longer live there. Somewhat problematic for those of us trying to get clearance from home country to move on to another job overseas.
  14. 576

    576 Established commenter

    If you no longer live in the UK you can't get a DBS certificate but you can get the international child protection certificate.
  15. Santascomingtotown

    Santascomingtotown New commenter

    And how many international schools make you get one of those? A lot of schools just accept a basic disclosure saving you £60. Plus you need to know an engineer in order to get a ICPC. And they only give criminal conviction information which is only sent to the applicant not to the employer.
  16. Fer888

    Fer888 Occasional commenter

  17. lifeinthe852

    lifeinthe852 New commenter

    The basic disclosure in Scotland doesnt permit work with chide, you need to be a member of the Protection of Vulnerable Groups scheme. Unfortunately, you can only become a member of PVG if you work for a Scottish employer... It's not the most straightforward way to obtain a check for abroad!
  18. 576

    576 Established commenter

    What is this about engineers?!?
    My school asked me to get an ICPC, they reimbursed me.

  19. lsac0902

    lsac0902 New commenter

    Hello marriotthk66,
    How long did you wait before you get the appointment with the Met? I need to get the certificate of no convictions from Hong Kong as well.

  20. elkeisea

    elkeisea New commenter

    Isac0902 have you managed to get a letter from the FCO? I've emailed them but I don't have a DfE number as I didn't qualify in the UK so wondering how to get round it.

    For info, you may not need to go to the Met - I've just had an email from my local police force in Wales and been told I can go to one of the main police stations nearby. They do a fingerprinting service for £74.

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