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No call again :(

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by sarahg1976, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. I am beginning to feel quite miserable. [​IMG]
    Have been supplying for a year or so now, my agent,who was really good to me, has left the company!
    I have had really steady work, almost daily since Christmas, and a great agent who would change things at the last minute to get me into schools closer to home or known to me.
    Then he suddenly 'no longer works for the company' and last week I only had 2 afternoons work. And nothing so far for this week..[​IMG]
  2. You are not alone! Very similar story: three half days last week, work dropped off after key agent leaves the company.
  3. Happened to most of us over the years - it's not how good your agency is, it's how good the consultant working your desk is. I've gone from pre-booked work most days via one agency, to nothing as the replacement didn't like me... it's one reason I'll never be sole-agency, to cover myself in case consultants change (and the staff turnover at agencies appears to be insane sometimes).
    On the other hand - one of my old consultants reappeared at a different agency I was with and spotted my name set to inactive on their system, recognised me and got me back activated there (then the computer system ate me again but that's another story).
  4. I dream of one day per week. Still, due to one day, last Friday, my score since last May has gone up to Three days.
  5. There is a very very strong message in this.
  6. There is an even stronger message in the fact that I am still awaiting proper payment for the first two of these days. For the first, when I submitted my timesheet to the agency, they 'discovered' that my CRB was more than three months old, and for the second, although I thought I was being engaged for the day as a teacher, I found out afterwards that it was only as a CS.
  7. I would think that you should be paid for the work in advance of a new CRB if the work was done. . The issue with the CRB is separate from the work done. (Maybe they shouldn't have assigned the work, theoretically, but as they did the work was done in good faith). It is within the discretion of the employer to make payment in advance of CRB confirmation, if you have done the work. One of my LEAs is usually late in August when they check through the LEA supply pool and ask some to renew CRBs,,eg now three years old, but this could take 'till late September to come through. The LEA is happy with "CRB is applied for" when contacting schools early in September. This wouldn't apply to new applicants, but they use their discretion regarding continuing employment.

    If an agency assigns staff as supply teachers or CS, the agency should make confirmation of the placement and status eg by email, if verbal this isn't really satisfactory if dispute arises, the agency should emphasise on the phone this is "CS work". Otherwise the supply may sense some sharp practise
  8. The agency is refusing to pay until they have applied for and received a new CRB and then they will deduct the cost from the money they owe me. If you need a new CRB every three months, this is ridiculous.
  9. Having worked for the agency for a week they are unable, by law, to refuse to pay you for work done - whatever the reason. Inform them that you will be launching a small claims court action against them. They will be liable for qall your costs plus you can claim interest at 8% per annum. They are also legally unable to deduct unathorised payments from your salary. They should not have found you work if they required a CRB as a condition of employment. It may be that, as they gave you work without their CRB, you have a contract of employment anyway.
    This is all illegal and if they are allowed to get away with it this will happen more and more!
  10. sarahg1976 this happend to me last year. I had a great consultant who always got me lots of work and then one day she had gone without even a goodbye. i felt quite odd to say I spoke to her most days but wouldn't know her if she passed me in the street.
    When my new consultant started I was only getting a day a week, if that. However I would ring the agency at least three times a week (Monday, Wed, and Friday) to remind them I was free for any work and eventualy she seemed to get the message that I was happy to do anything. work slowly started to build up and now she's brilliant and I get loads of work again. it just took her time to work out who's who I think. so don't despair I'm sure you'll start getting more work again you just need to make sure you let them now you're free and if not pester, worked for me [​IMG].
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