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Nipple blister

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ellesabe, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. I just accidentally posted this on Opinion.. [​IMG] whoops! I'm thinking that I will probably get more sensible responses from you lot...
    My daughter is 14 weeks old and we have never had any problems with breastfeeding but I suddenly have a random blister on the end of one of my nipples!
    I have done a bit of research and it's not a milk blister as it's clear, not white. I don't think it's mastitis or a blocked duct as there is no swelling or redness anywhere else on my breast. It looks like the type of blister you get when your shoes rub so I think it's just a sucking blister but I'm a bit baffled as to why it has suddenly appeared as her latch has always been fine and we are not doing anything different.
    What should I do? Keep feeding her from it? Go to the doctor? Start putting lansinoh cream on it again? Ignore it and hope it goes away?
    Any ideas??
    Elle x
  2. Oh yikes! I went to look on Opinion to see what others there had said!!
    I've had thrush and mastitis during first 4-6 wks although I don't remember seeing any white blisters with mastitis but my nipples were so so sore and bleeding that I don't think I studied the breasts/brown nipple area to be honest!
    Does it hurt? If it does I would go to your GP. If not it might be worth popping into your HV/Baby Clinic and asking there? Are they midwives who are local i.e. a local maternity unit you can pop into rather than a busy hospital maternity ward?!
    If your HV isn't very good or sometimes is a bit vague with answers (some of ours are a bit like that!), I would just go straight to your GP!
    good luck x
  3. baileyblade

    baileyblade New commenter

    I used to suffer from these every 2-3 months whilst breastfeeding my little one, and whilst training to become a peer supporter, I received alot more advice than I received from my dr and health visitor. As previous posters have said - just ensure your baby is latched on correctly and don't allow him/her to get lazy with it. Mine used to be really painful, so maybe try a different position so that your babys suck isn't concentrated on the blister as much. I also used to allow my little girl to always start feeding on this side (while her suckling was stronger) and hopefully would try and clear the blister (plus I wasn't sat dreading her feeding from the painful side). I also used to put Lansinoh on.

    Hope this makes sense and that you sort it soon. The main thing is to carry on - you're doing a fantastic job.

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