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Nightware for during/after birth

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by shelia, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Hi ladies this may seem a silly question but what did you wear to labour in and after the birth? I have read so many different things about night shirts or pj's with buttons for easy breastfeeding. Was shopping today and couldn't find any pj's with buttons that open. Do I really need them or would a pair without do? Sorry I know this sounds really daft, but its my first baby and I'm at a loss. X
  2. Hi ladies this may seem a silly question but what did you wear to labour in and after the birth? I have read so many different things about night shirts or pj's with buttons for easy breastfeeding. Was shopping today and couldn't find any pj's with buttons that open. Do I really need them or would a pair without do? Sorry I know this sounds really daft, but its my first baby and I'm at a loss. X
  3. Hi Sheila not a daft question at all . I went to L&D in a tunic top and yoga pants. I had the yoga pants off the minute the door closed behind me in the delivery suite as I was 6 cms by then :) I then had the longer tunic to cover me up a bit. As soon as I had a shower & bath the midwives gave me a hospital gown which was fab as I didn't ruin my own clues and they are just so practical for examinations etc. Post birth I had a nice shirt from m&s with buttons down the front, a few nice jersey top from h&m again with buttons, and 2 pairs of really soft, black primark bottoms (definitely go for dark colours) i also-had a maternity nightie with boob holes (worth packing as post natal wards can be very hot and you'll be lying on plastic mattresses yuk!). My hubby took clothes home to wash and returned them the next day as I stayed in a gorgeous MLU for 5 days after the birth. You don't have to wear conventional pjs I didn't, instead I went for soft, cotton tops with easy access and mix matched, light weight, cotton bottoms. BFing in those early days is so important so make sure your comfortable and don't have to hitch up awkward tops etc. Hope that helps xxx oh and in my opinion it's best to stay away from acrylic or man made fibres as they can irritate your delicate lady area and you wont be wanting that :) xxxx
  4. in labour i wore a t-shirt and knickers (knickers were ruined!) and just a t-shirt whilst giving birth. afterwards i wore strappy pyjama tops with secret support inside as i could just slide the spaghetti strap off my shoulder and lower the top to feed.
    i also wore black pyjama bottoms as i'd been warned i would bleed through even maternity pads. and i did! i bought 2 strappy pyjama tops and 4 pyjama bottoms and had gone through 3 pairs by day two!
    take a black towel in too as you'll bleed all over that too. i'm squeamish and struggle with the sight of blood and didn't want to ruin one of my other towels.
  5. I was naked when I gave birth as I had been in the bath for pain relief when I was induced on the antenatal ward and they suddenly realised I wa sabout to give birth so took me down to delivery with only a sheet wrapped around me.
  6. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    When I had my 1st baby I arrived at hospital 10cm dilated, and was wearing leggings and a long top from Oasis. As soon as i got to the delivery room they just had chance to pull off my leggings, so i was still wearing my bra and top when i gave birth!
    I was induced with my 2nd at about 11pm, so I was in a t-shirt style nightie i'd had for years, and since contractions started the next morning and i gave birth just under 4.5 hours later, I was still wearing it. I just took it off for skin-to-skin after.
    As for button-up PJs, i bought a vest top with buttons from Primark to wear as a top, and my mum bought me one from M&S with buttons. If you're cold you can always wear a dressing gown over it. It's usually baking hot in maternity wards so you should be fine in there.
  7. I gave birth naked twice, the second time I was in the pool but the first I'm not sure why - maybe I was too hot or some kind of labour exhibitionist!? My advice is get a couple of those hideous nighties from mothercare and some disposable pants.
  8. I went to hospital in vest and tracksuit bottoms, took the trousers off to be examined and never put them back on, it was really hot. Had the vest cut off me at I got taken to theater in a hurry, so glad it wasn't anything too nice, so wore a hosiptal gown for delivery.
    I was told it's good to have at lease one nightie/shirt in a dark colour (for discreet bleeding), in case you have a difficult birth as PJs are hard with c-section scars and catheters, I had to have a catheter for 24 hours (but not a c-section) so I was glad I had a nighie. Also had some nicer button up PJs for later days.
    I hated the idea of disposable paper pants, just sounded scratchy, and black cotton full briefs from primark are actually cheaper! just do get rid of them afterwards, they are pretty big and scary.
  9. This is a really interesting one.....I'm having first baby too and I've learned a lot. I was thinking of big white cotton knickers as I too dont like the sound of the paper ones....but I had never thought of the descreet bleeding with black ones and black towel so will definitely consider that.
    Before I got pregnant I bought a XXL pair of PJs from George which were men's PJs as I liked the idea of big baggy pjs even without being pregnant. As you mention buttoned tops all of the mens pjs (old man/grandad style) are buttoned and I find them very comfy...worth considering if you not too petite a lady for them ;-)
  10. This has been fantastic ladies thank you. I went to matalan today and bought some black pj's with a button top. Easy access. I also bought some big dark pants as I also don't fancy the paper ones. The other thing i bought was a light weight dressing gown, as when i was in hospital before for something very different the heat was intense. I am going to pick up a dark nightshirt also to labour in. Thanks for all the advice. x
  11. Oh yes definitely black knickers! Dread to think the state a white pair would be in just after birth. Blood blinking everywhere!
  12. I had the biggest ugly black nightie from peacocks.

    To my shame I still wear it!
  13. Yep buy lots of black Knicks the bigger the better! Pleased you got sorted Sheila x Oh don't forget dark coloured slippers too or slipper socks as you'll be up pacing the floors during the night with your gorgeous LO before you know it xxx all the best and looking forward to your birth announcement xx
  14. After making a 'pastel' mistake last time, I've got mens dark pjs with a couple of strappy vests for underneath (i figured I could wear just the top, as its actually quite long, or bottoms with vest or bottoms with vest and then pj top open like a cardie) recently, I've had a worry about having to have a c-section so I've packed a button front nightie too so it wouldn't annoy the cut and its easier with a catheter too I hear.
    For the labour last time, I went up to hospital in comfy gym clothes (had to change as waters exploded over the clothes I was actually in!) and then changed into bikini once pool was ready. My son was stuck so I didn't actually give birth in the water, I had to get out then I slipped on the nightie I'd taken so at least I was covered from the waist up (ish).
    Take a couple of options and go DARK definitely. Ditto on the cheapy primark pants but go for the big, high-waisted ones ( just in case you need a c-section, as low-rise or bikini style can hurt your cut I believe)
  15. asda do 5 pairs of cotton granny knickers for £4. i bought two packs and bled so much the first few days that a few were beyond saving. however, they were so comfortable and i was so bruised down there following squeezing 11lbs out of me that having big, baggy, over-the-belly-button, cheap cotton granny pants on under my black PJs was divine...
  16. Omg, I'm sorry to gatecrash, and I can't actually contribute anything helpful, as I'm back at the TTC stage, but I'm scared! I do desperately want to be a mum, and I was already worried about actually having to give birth, but now I'm also worried about the bleeding bit afterwards! Obviously I knew already that you bleed a far bit after a birth, but it sounds horrific! I hate af at the best of times, and thought my mc bleed a few weeks ago was bad enough, but it sounds like nothing compared to what you ladies have experienced! Scared!
  17. But remember Bear - you have a baby afterwards which more than makes up for the bleeding. Nothing to be scared about, I promise.
    As for nightwear - my LO was due at end of January, so asked my sister to buy me some buttoned nightdresses for xmas (they were some cheapies from Primark) but I ended up going into labour on the 22nd December. I ended up phoning her up and asking what wrapping paper she'd used and what she wrote on the tag as they were one xmas present I'd have to open early!
    Nightdresses were perfect as they buttoned quite far down so easy for breastfeeding.
  18. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    Bear...please don't worry about that bit of it. Yes it does go on for a bit but mine was never that heavy. I think the worst part was when they said get in the bath after I'd had her...let's just say it wasn't like sitting in water!
    I had all the big black knickers, black pjs, dark blue towel too so I'd definitely advise that.
  19. Bear, it varies from person to person - mine was heavy for a good few days, but lightened up quite quickly.

    I am ashamed to admit that my massive pants from last time round sometimes ended up in rotation with my normal undies [​IMG] as period pants and "****, I've run out of knickers" days.
  20. Yeah I guess once I have a baby in my arms I won't care about bleeding, and what you say about it varying from person to person makes sense...I'll try to contain my worrying to the giving birth bit!

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