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Nightmare class once every week

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by afterdark, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. afterdark

    afterdark Lead commenter

    Punish any child who does this. Do not be afraid to actually issue a detention.
    Are you being stopped from actually issuing sanctions?
    The argument that because someone else is doing something wrong is wrong is fatuous.Tell them this in the corridor outside before they come in.
    Say "I am talking to you not them"
    Issue sanctions to any child who challenges the system.
    Make a point of persisting with any child tries to tell you what to do.
    Say "you are making it worse by arguing about it"
    Where is the support?
    Give every child who plays up a bad report.
    Have you spoken to the head of year/ SMT?
    Make them line up outside and take their reports off them before they come in ?
    Do you have seating plan ? I expect that you do but if not you need to make one. I know that there are only 4 corners in the room.
    Have you observed the class being taught by someone else?
    Do you have a starter task that they call all engage with? I imagine that you have a starter but a task that you can give then on a sheet and they can all start independantly of each other leaves them with no excuses.
    There is nothing wrong with asking a more experiences colleague to observe [without an official record] and give you advice.
    It is ok to ask "what is going wrong", what is wrong is when the teacher is blamed when the children choose to misbehave.
    Good luck.
  2. Zadok1

    Zadok1 New commenter

    Sounds terrible but the first thing I'd do is stop the fantastic lessons. Tell them that until you can trust them to behave they will be sitting at their desks writing. I'm pretty sure you'll have a text book you can dust off and put in front of them. A few lessons of 'turn to page 5, read the content and answer the questions' might just be what they need. If nothing else it gives you the chance to watch the behaviour closely and deal with the nightmares.

    I would also introduce a new classroom rule: Be responsible for your own actions and not the actions of others. Tell them that when you speak to them about their own behaviour you don't expect them to tell you what anyone else in the room is doing because at that point in time the only person you are interested in is them. When the next kid says, 'but they did it first,' or 'everyone else is doing it,' just call them a snitch... and see how they react. Followed by a very clear, 'The only person I'm interested in right now is you and why you are behaving in that way.'

    Another way to try and regain control is to tell the class you will be starting and ending the lessons with a minute of silence. Get them to stand behind their chairs and get your watch out and tell them that you will not start the lesson until they have shown you that they can control themselves for a whole minute. Every time someone makes a noise just calmly tell them you're starting again. For the first few times they will produce sneezes, farts, chair scraping etc... calmly start again every time. I know that this might seem to be punishing the good kids to so tell the class that you think it's so unfair that the good kids can't get on and learn because of the poor behaviour of just a few and that you're not going to let the few spoil the lessons for the hard working kids any more. Get's the good kids on side...

    Obviously it will waste some of your lesson time but they've been wasting time most lessons anyhow. At the end of your lesson you tell them to pack up with just a minute to spare and tell them they have to do another minute in silence before they can leave the room.... you might lose a couple of break times in the process but more importantly they are wasting their break time too. If they have a lesson to move on to, start the process at the end with a few mins to try... if they fail them tell them they will have to do their minute at the end of the day. Then go and find the teacher that teaches them last period and ask them to hold the class until you can get there. At the start of the lesson it's really important that you don't use the minute to give instructions or start the lesson... you need to be silent too. Then ask them to sit and remain silent while you give instructions, if someone speaks ask them if the whole class really have to start again because they can't hold their tongue, make them responsible... not you, if you see what I mean.

    The point is that if you can impose a strict silence policy at the start and finish of the lesson you have a way of gaining more control over them... Firstly because, after the hilarity of a couple of fart noises, the good kids in the class will be really annoyed with the idiots who keep making noise, keeping them waiting and standing in the process, and then you will have engaged their support without asking for it... they will actively pressure the idiots to shut up. Once they have managed to do it a few times give them lots of praise... and turn it into a bit of a game... 'Okay how many tries do you think the minute will take today?' But keep at it. When you try to reintroduce the kind of lessons you want to be teaching.. the minute anyone ignores your instructions or the noise level gets too much... tell them to stand behind their chairs and do a minute silence... they need to show you they can control themselves before you continue.

    Once they can do the minute first time... or you feel you have more control in the room... tell them you can now start and finish your lessons normally... but that if they start messing about you will reintroduce the minute silence again.

    I did this years ago with a pretty obnoxious Y8 class and it worked... and a friend of mine just tried it on her horrid y9s... and it worked for her too...

    Good Luck

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