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Night-time with a newborn

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by daisy_123, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Our little girl finally arrived safe and sound and we are thrilled to have her at last! I'd really appreciate some advice from other parents here about night-times though. We have only spent 5 nights home from the hospital so far and her daddy and me are not sure what the best arrangement for night-times is. The first two nights baby was in our room in the moses basket. We slept with a lamp on and the first night I actually stayed awake all night worried something would happen to her - I'm sure I'm not the first! I've stopped worrying now and can sleep in the dark with her there confident she will be okay. The last three nights though we've moved baby into the living room and have taken shifts to stay with her while the other one of us gets a few solid hours sleep. I don't want to keep this up though because I want us to sleep together as a family! And I also want to keep baby near me because of all I've heard about mother and baby's breathing rhythms etc. Our little girl seems to cry more and get more agitated at night though and I wondered if any of you had ideas about why this would be and what we can do to keep her as content as she is in the day time. It would also be great to hear how you organised night-times with a newborn. Thanks!
  2. Just wanted to add to this that, if you are breastfeeding, it is not unusual for baby to be more restless and want more feeds in the first two weeks as they are still establishing your milk supply. The hormone which is released when you are feeding is more concentrated at night and helps to build up milk supplies, so breast-fed babies tend to be more unsettled in the first few weeks. Swaddling does work - at least, most of the time! Like everything, babies are individuals and what works for one won't work for the other. When my last child was born (number 4) my husband slept on the sofa for a couple of weeks just so that he got more rest and was able to deal with the others when they woke up. It's only a couple of weeks! Not a lot in eleven years of marriage. Equally, he wasn't doing anything over night and I think I made more noise trying not to disturb him than I would have done if I just got on with everything! Hope everything settles soon and you start to feel a bit more human (both of you!).

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