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Nigeria's Reading Revolution: Documentary

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by johnoism, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. johnoism

    johnoism New commenter

    Hi all,
    Just letting you know that we are premiering a film at the Institute of Education, about the introduction of synthetic phonics to support early grade reading in Nigeria.


    You are cordially invited to attend the premiére of our documentary - Nigeria's Reading Revolution: The Story of Africa's Largest English Literacy Project.

    The film, which has been produced by the EMMY and BAFTA award winning filmmakers - Red rebel Films - highlights the work being carried out to transform literacy levels across Nigeria by Universal Learning Solutions, via the Jolly Phonics project.

    Starting with just 6 government schools in 2006, this project has now grown to be the largest such intervention in Africa. Thanks to support from the Nigerian Federal Government body the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC), and the educational publisher, Jolly Learning, the Jolly Phonics project has now trained over 60,000 government primary school teachers and reached over 3.5 million pupils in some of the world's most challenging environments, including the Boko Haram affected North-East of the country.

    The film showcases the positive work being carried out by inspirational Nigerians to address the many challenges faced in the education system in Nigeria and provides hope that, once day, all school children will have access to their right to literacy.

    Please feel free to attend this event, where there will be opportunity to meet the key actors driving the success of this project; the film-makers and the Universal Learning Solutions team. All welcome!

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