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Nicky Morgan issues SATs warning on eve of KS2 results day

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bramallblade, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. bramallblade

    bramallblade New commenter

  2. sooooexcited

    sooooexcited Occasional commenter

    Absolutely outrageous. Teachers have been saying this for nearly 2years and suddenly it's news! Of course every school SHOULD do worse with the impossible expectations but will ofsted consider this?
  3. Stewsterthebear

    Stewsterthebear New commenter

    I'm unsure why she bothered saying this today - why not wait until tomorrow? All she has done is stirred it up a day early.
  4. Bluebird1

    Bluebird1 New commenter

    Tomorrow could be very grim. The standard was promised to be similar to 4B and if national results are not similar to last year's 4B they have simply lied through their teeth. They have created an impossible task for schools and children and set them all up to fail. If there is no sensible adjustment in approach by Ofsted In the autumn hundreds of decent and honest school leaders and teachers will also lose their jobs. It is frankly a sickening approach. If this is the outcome tomorrow then the unions must take unified strike action to oppose this year's results and to boycott next year's tests.
  5. mathsquestion

    mathsquestion New commenter

    I totally agree Bluebird1. Surely the time has come for the unions to unite - this can't continue. I work at a school where there are 47% SEN in Year 6 - we take in children that other schools turn away and exclude. Do we continue doing this? Of course! Will we pushed into academisation because of our results? Probably! Worrying times. Will be glad when the results are published and we can continue on with our jobs. Either that or search the Jobs site.

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