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Nicest thing that's ever happened to you on supply..

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by aa88, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. As we are probably all looking forward to the new term with various degrees of nervousness, anxiety, stress or extreme terror I thought I'd try and start a cheerful topic. The nicest thing that's ever happened to me on supply was having a puncture. I'd just got to the school with a slow puncture, decided to leave it and worry about it at lunchtime as I wasn't covering an afternoon lesson. Having got started on changing it , a boy came charging over, shouting 'here miss, let me do it miss!' He was really pleased with himself, and finished the job despite the dubious encouragement of his friends who were merrily warning me not to drive down the road because the wheel would probably come rolling off. Turns out he was doing a course on car maintenance and he loved getting a bit of practice in. I passed his name on for a bit of positive feedback. It really cheered me up because I'd had a few horrible lessons that morning.
  2. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Being told by a child 'You're not like a supply teacher, you're almost semi-permanent'.

    Kids whingeing when I told them I was leaving to make way for a new appointee.

    Being offered a part-time job off the back of a supply assignment - it still happens.
  3. VelvetChalk

    VelvetChalk New commenter

    When teaching a year 4 class in a school with a quite talktative lad came up to me at the end of the day and asked me if I would be returning. I said I would be he looked really pleased and said I was the only teacher he had had that didn't shout at him all the time and then thanked me. He was a delight to teach, just had lots of ideas and questions. The staffroom told me he was hell but I had no trouble from him the 2 weeks I taught there.
  4. bigpig

    bigpig New commenter

    On a recent post of 6 weeks one of the parents came in during the last week to see me to say how much her daughter had enjoyed coming to school since I'd been teaching. She hadn't been enjoying school before.
    Going back to a rec class where I got ran at and hugged by half the class who were pleased to see me back.
  5. sebedina

    sebedina Occasional commenter

    The nicest thing that happened to me when I left a term's supply was a lovely bottle of wine as a thank you.

    Also the head of department, was really sweet and supportive. When I left she gave me a personal hand written note on ink paper saying how much she had appreciated my contribution and hard work and that she thought I had been the hardest working supply they have had.

    That left me a lovely feeling about my time there, despite having some really difficult classes.
  6. scienceteacha

    scienceteacha New commenter

    A top set Year 9 group applauding me after the revision lesson I had done with them.
  7. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    What a great idea for a post.....let me see...
    I think I have had several nice things happen to me, but one was when I was team teaching a class with two other teachers and a Year 7 student came to me and said, "so and so is crying and we think you are the nicest teacher so we have told you." I then went and spoke to the girl who was crying and took her down to reception so she could have some privacy and find out what happened.
    Another day, I had a Year 9 class for registration then the same group for humanities later in the day. They were one of the nicest groups I had ever taught. We just had an instant rapport and I will never forget how polite and well spoken they were - a real credit to their schools and families.

  8. At the end of last term I got given a personalised note book and card by one of the kids. I'd done day to day supply there off and on, so hadn't expected anything. I was really touched.
    I love it when the kids are happy to see you and can remember the last thing you taught them.
    I love sorting out your teaching bag and finding a note or a picture from one kids you didn't know were there.
    I love trying to explain what I have done that day to people who aren't teachers. "So, you get paid to play in the sand, lego, play dough, make cakes, pretend to be a dragon and tiptoe around the room searching for treasure?"

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