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Next steps?

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by Teacher1212, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. I thought I would post on here and see what you guys think. I am 24 and about to enter my 3rd year of teaching. I am the pe coordinator.I have taught reception for past 2 years and am just about to move into year 1. Obviously this year my focus is going to be adapting to a new year group/curriculum/assessment etc. In Sept we will have our professional dev meetings and my head will ask where I want to be in 5 years? To be honest I'm not sure but want some guidance as to what my options are. At this stage I don't have any aspiration to be a head/deputy but would like to move up the pay scale. However, I am working at a high pressured school and already work most evenings and one day of weekend so do not want to feel overloaded! Would be good to know your thoughts and even your experiences etc.

  2. Your 5 year goal can be anything at all - it doesn't have to sound cutting edge. Mine was to mentor students/NQTs. If you have 3 performance management targets, (example), you will have 2 relating to your school development plan, e.g. teaching + learning/ accellerated progress etc. and 1 to do with CPD. If I were you, i would focus on extending PE co-ordinator impact in school rather than going for something new, unfamiliar and time consuming. Have you lead staff training on PE? Run clubs? Created a parents' group to help with sports in schools etc? If not, these could be related to your performance management/professional development.
    Make it clear to your CPD leader that you are keen to progress, but want to maintain a reasonable pace.

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