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Next Steps and targets in EYFS

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by becks1498, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. becks1498

    becks1498 New commenter

    Please help!

    I was wondering how you were all covering next steps. We have just started using 2Simple 2Build a profile and fill in the next steps section on there - with the view that we will cover ext steps by covering the DM statements throughout the year.
    When we mark literacy and maths focus tasks we add a next step target that we refer to the next time we do a focus task (the next week).

    Is this enough? I would really appreciate your views and ideas on how to cover the Next Steps!

    Finally, do you display each child's next steps / targets in the classroom? I'm not sure if I agree with it but it was mentioned my my head teacher!?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. badger18

    badger18 New commenter

    We are doing the same with 2simple and I will reference next steps in some group work tasks. It's all for me and my planning and assessment though. I don't agree with displaying targets or the children being robotically taught to say them on command.My Head Teacher fully supports me on this one. No idea how Ofsted will view this? (we will be inspected after Christmas).

    So I think we pretty much do the same. Would be interested also to hear what else people do?
  3. missrturner

    missrturner Occasional commenter

    Although we haven't moved onto 2Simple yet we do create next steps from maths/literacy in the same way as @becks1498. For the rest of the areas we use a combination of spon/focus observations & development tracker to fill in any areas that have any gaps or haven't been addressed in a while so that the next steps are continuously varied.

    We have a 'Next Steps' wall in our classroom with pictures of the children however this is more for the parents and staff than the children. We stick our next steps next to the pictures and when completed we stick into their learning journey. Our head likes to be able to come into the room, see an activity and link it to the next steps displayed and talk to us about it.
  4. martydog

    martydog New commenter

    Just wondered how many children are in your classroom. We have 62 children in Reception and I wondered if it would work with us.
  5. missrturner

    missrturner Occasional commenter

    I have 29 in my class (1 form entry), however this could definitely work with a larger cohort perhaps split across two 'Next Steps' walls? The F1 class have their pictures and next steps around the frame of their classroom door and do not necessarily restrict themselves to the display board.
  6. gsgirl

    gsgirl New commenter

    Is there availability with this to make next steps to repeat learning or are you expected to keep moving on all the time?
  7. missrturner

    missrturner Occasional commenter

    @gsgirl We leave next steps up until a child has met the target, we simply write C in the corner for 'continued'. If for some reason a child (or several) still have the same next step then we have a review, why aren't they meeting it? is it the resources, the teaching? do they need more input?

    It may be that some children take a little longer to achieve the next step and that's fine. They're all different. We also have some children with two next steps (in different areas) as a way of pushing them on. Happy to give you further help if needed!
  8. missrturner

    missrturner Occasional commenter

    In addition to this, we go back and repeat next steps throughout the year so that we are sure children are secure in that area, particularly the literacy and numeracy.

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