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Newspapers say opening 1st June

Discussion in 'News' started by crumbleskates, May 3, 2020.

  1. crumbleskates

    crumbleskates Occasional commenter

    Yet another ‘senior Government source’ says primaries back on 1st June, followed by years 10&11.
    Read carefully and it’s still speculation, but is anyone else fed up of this sort of thing? Senior school staff keep their own counsel about any number of things before they are finalised and properly communicated so why not Government? Or is it a deliberate accidental leak to test opinion?
    Also, at what point are we going to be treated like professionals and given the news before the public? Is that what happens in the nhs? Do hospital senior bosses find things out with the public? Interested to know...
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  2. Ro13

    Ro13 Occasional commenter

    I haven't bought a newspaper since 31st August, 1997!!

    I watch the daily briefings & I am resigned to the fact that we will find out when everyone else does!! It happens in school too, parents are told things before staff. :rolleyes:
  3. lampshade19

    lampshade19 Occasional commenter

    Daily Fail has this as a story but later in the article mentions Gavin Williamson has not been drawn on a date yet. Idiots.
  4. Sally006

    Sally006 Senior commenter

    As a primary teacher I’m shocked and alarmed to find in the paper it is saying “all” children. Not even phased to allow social distancing. Where is their scientific evidence this is safe? European nations have staggered their opening. 30 kids crammed in one poorly ventilated room and an adult stuck in that atmosphere all day. What chance have I got at 50+ with mild asthma? No one has data on transmission as primaries were in lockdown for 6 weeks. I feel we are just guinea pigs. And what of staff who have younger secondary aged children not yet back at school? How do we safely child mind our kids at the same time? Is this a deliberate attempt to alarm and stress school staff further? As if things weren’t bad enough.
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  5. SBolibar77

    SBolibar77 New commenter

    Govt has regularly used Sunday papers as a litmus test for public opinion on policy ideas specifically around education. Pure speculation and click bait. Stay in touch with your union reps for latest updates, they have our best interests at heart.
  6. wrightseducation16

    wrightseducation16 New commenter

    Not surprised at all that June 1st is a likely start date. Parents are fed up of looking after their kids and can't hack it anymore. I'm actually pregnant so will probably not be returning this academic year for my own safety

    ACOYEAR8 Star commenter

    Journalists are struggling to find stories that do not contain the words "death, spread and virus." They want to offer the public a) something to be positive about or b) something to rave and get angry about. Either way with headlines like these, they get to achieve their ends. The only way we will ever return is if the rules and understanding of what " social distancing " means. Science will suddenly decide that virus transmission is not governed by distance, the language and thinking will be changed and we will return. History shows us that this tactic works. For years, the medical profession endorsed the inhalation of nicotine and other chemicals as a tonic for the nerves and the way forward for a healthy life.
    The social distancing rules are already under " review". Next they will " confirm" that children (all of school age) cannot transmit the virus, so they can all go back. And so can we.
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  8. xrachxx

    xrachxx New commenter

    The Welsh minister all but confirmed the 1st June on the Andrew Marr show
  9. ukpaul

    ukpaul Occasional commenter

    It will be September. People’s trust in their children being safe is very low. Isn’t it 17% of the general population in the poll in today’s Observer? For actual parents that number is likely to be lower (and over 65s being most keen for schools to get back is the big red warning sign in that regard). A humiliation would happen when schools opened and virtually nobody turned up, so they will come up with something like an extra tranche of children of workers that schools could take back. That satisfies the ghouls and they don’t lose control, the long term repercussions of their being ignored are too great a risk for them to take.
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  10. paulwalker493

    paulwalker493 New commenter

    Why would y11 be going back?
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  11. onmyknees

    onmyknees Established commenter

    One of his reasons being that some children may not be accessing Welsh lessons at home. Seriously-that doesn’t seem to me to be a priority at the moment!
  12. ACOYEAR8

    ACOYEAR8 Star commenter

    The Head prepares for his first assembly in June.
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  13. Sally006

    Sally006 Senior commenter

    The Telegraph said Y10 and Y12.
  14. pair_of_argyles

    pair_of_argyles Occasional commenter

    I think schools probably could start on the 1st June . The problem is that Cummings, Johnson, Williamson et al. just assume staff will give the place a quick wipe with Dettol and carry on as before.
    Yes children don't tend to get the disease. But as they are one of the most unhygienic animals in the world, I am sure they are quite literally covered in the virus

    How are SLT going ensure that the whole of the school environment does not provide a virus hazard to everyone else ?.
    How are they going with deal with the basics such as classroom spacing; corridor movement; toilets, school buses; canteens, Let alone all of the rest changing rooms, keyboards, door handles, lab equipment etc etc. ?

    I already know the answer.
    They'll just ignore it all and if anyone gets ill or dies they'll blame the staff for not following the non existent guidelines.

    Anyway,it won't matter much as in many schools, large numbers of students simply won't turn up
    Last edited: May 3, 2020
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  15. dumpty

    dumpty Star commenter

    It seems 99% certain to me and particularly primary schools.

    Was the way it has been said schools will get 3 weeks notice, then Boris says on May 7th he will give his plan....which is 3 weeks from the June 1st and (the sealer for me) in that speech about May 7th he chose to mention schools first.

    Sure, he said 'for example looking at schools' and gave no date or that whatsoever but it is all in the maths, methinks.

    Am sure it will be riddled with the usual exceptions and rules upon rules so no-one has any idea what to do. (My guess is a recommendation to ban assemblies and PE + have staggered breaks and staggered opening and pick up and end of day times)
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  16. dumpty

    dumpty Star commenter

    Which will be interesting as under their own 'we own your kid, not you' laws re schools, they will fine parents for doing this. Well, the honest ones - we might well find a lot of kids are suddenly 'sick' on June 1st but stretching this to the summer break is going to get messy!
  17. pair_of_argyles

    pair_of_argyles Occasional commenter

    I think there may well be a lot of staff pulling the oars in the same boat
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  18. crumbleskates

    crumbleskates Occasional commenter

    Well we have a rock or a hard place choice: all of us go back to school with all the children, OR have Amanda Spielman quickly, (with no proper process) revise the Ofsted schedule and start inspecting online learning and the provision for staggered groups, against the backdrop of staff illness, mental health of pupils, parents and staff, bereavements and a third of the staff off with health issues, and a large learning gap.
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  19. SBolibar77

    SBolibar77 New commenter

    Again, this is just a tester article, the Unions have been very strong up here in Scotland and down south. As a member of my school’s SLT for our part we are prioritising safety of everyone and our recovery planning puts staff and pupils welfare at the top, we are not entertaining the notion of kids being immune or less likely to catch COVID!
  20. Yoda-

    Yoda- Lead commenter

    I am sure we all have confidence in the Great Wizard Boris and his ability to communicate to us a simple message concerning the lifting of the lockdown.


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