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Newman Primary PGCE

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by lottielou89, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone!First post butI didn't want to jinx myself by posting earlier!

    I found out last Thursday that I have been offered a Conditional place at Newman for General Primary on the basis of achieving a 2.1. Firstly I'm over the moon as I didn't think I stood a chance but I'm also really worried about not getting a 2.1 even though that is my consistant grade throughout :S

    Anyway, just wanted to find find out if anyone on here will be joining me in September!!

  2. Congratulations on being offered a place. I am still waiting to hear. How did you find out, GTTR or a letter?
  3. Hi, I found out on track after checking for about the fiftieth time that day! When was your interview? They could be sending out offers in order or something, try not to worry too much although I know it's hard not to!! Keeping fingers crossed for you x
  4. Yes, my GTTR has now been updated to a rejection. I was applying for PGCE Primary EAL. I phoned the other day and asked if I had passed the interview, and they replied that I had but had still not made decisions due to numbers. I will ask for feedback on why the rejection.
    They did say I might be pput on a waiting list in case of droip outs so I will wait and see.
  5. Oh I'm really sorry to hear that although hopefully you will get onto the waiting list.

    Yes, do ask for feedback, it will really help for your next interview, although being on a waiting list this year could be good as many people can't take up places due to bursary cuts etc.

  6. Nope, no waiting list for EAL.
    I asked for feedback and it was the maths test as I did not score high enough (I received a letter confirming this). It seems I did well on the other parts of the interview as I asked them if I had any strengths - teaching ability and relating to young learners.
    I got grade A in IGCSE maths in May 2010 so I am pretty annoyed with myself right now!

  7. Congratulations to everyone. I have a conditional offer for secondary English from Newman:)
    Which secondary subject will you be studying Sarah?

  8. Yay!! And you!!
    I have a conditional for Religious Education.
    Are you from Birmingham or planning on moving there?
  9. Well done !

    I'm from Warwickshire so I'll be commuting by train.

    What about you?
  10. Well i live in Northampton so im moving in to halls i think..
    I emailed the lady in charge of accommodation and she said she puts the PGCE students together so i think thatl be ok?!
    How fars your commute?
  11. Oh right, yeah Northampton is a bit of a distance to travel every day isn’t it.
    It’s nice they put you all together! Birmingham is an amazing city to live in too.
    I will get the train from Coventry to Birmingham which takes about twenty minutes so not too bad.

  12. Ah yeh 20mins is alright.

    Its a hour and a half from me.. to much daily i thought!

    Its so exciting to be doing something new next year :)

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