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Newman Primary PGCE September 2008

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Chicabee, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. Anyone? Or am I the sole person starting this course?
  2. Anyone? Or am I the sole person starting this course?
  3. Hello! I am also starting this course in September! There really aren't very many of us on here though I don't think! Hmm, unless it is just the two of us on the course?!

    Are you excited?...or scared?! Think I'm more on the scared side at the minute!
  4. Hey Fatkaff & Chicabee..

    yup, im starting PGCE at Newman in sept aswell...with spanish...Im really nervous about placement overseas!!!!
    Anyone else out there doing an overseas placement or MFL at Newman????

    Fatkaff chat o u later..(im most probably ur roomy) ;)..chicabee, hope to put a face to da name soon..:)

  5. I was quite worried I was the only one. At least I now know there are others. I'm excited about the change, as I'm moving from London for the course. I am quite scared by the amount of work there is, as I have heard that it is quite monumental. But I am looking forward to using my brain a bit, it's been three years since I graduated. I have heard that Newman is quite disorganised but they are also quite supportive as well. have you done the matsh questions they sent through, or the ICT audit thing?
  6. God no, ive looked at the paperwork and started it..but not much else...(mainly looking into Spanish KS2 Framework).I graduated 5 yrs ago, so Im quite nervous about studying again, but hey Im really looking forward to it as well.
  7. Hey all Primary Newmaners...

    Im a little worried, from looking at posts, seems that most uni´s are having an induction day next month! Has anyone heard anything about this at Newman?
    Also it seems that most PGCEers have to arrange & complete a 2 wk observation in a school (as of yet ive not heard any of this from Newman) Is this already a show of their lack of communication or am I jumpin the gun looking at other threads..
  8. Maybe they were happy with your experience already? They haven't sent me anything either and to be honest, they would have to have made it a condition of their offer to you. Don't jump the gun, I think.
  9. cheers, yep probably jumping the gun..im getting more nervous by the day hahaha..wish course would start now..haha :D
  10. Hi guys

    Exactly the same as me - no information regarding induction days, registration days or anything except the pack they sent a couple of months ago.

    A few weeks ago it felt like ages 'til the start but now it feels like very soon!!

    We should set up a facebook group!
  11. Hey all,

    I've just finished a primary PGCE at newman and just wanted to say that if you have any questions than ask away... I was in the exact situation last year and can remember what I felt like! :)

    PS don't worry there will be loads of people on the course when you get there!
  12. Hey all,

    does anyone have the booklist for standard Primary? I only have the booklist for MFL.

    Do think we´d find many of us on Facebook?? you´d think they´d be more on here really, but anyway :S

  13. Start the Facebook group anyway.. I'll join. I can't remember what I have received from Newman. I only have a week and a half left at work, so I will probably look after I have finished.
  14. I stared a Facebook group for Newman Primary 2008-2009, in case anyone wanted to look it up. Not that there is anything there yet.
  15. Well done on the group creation, I'm there now :)

    Although, when we have started and got lots of people in the group we probably need to find a way of making it private (possibly starting a new group and inviting the members). Everyone can see it at the minute which is good so ppl find it, but less good if we start using it properly as a means of communication!

  16. Yeah, I agree. But like you say, this is the best way to do it for now. Lets see if anyone else joins...Maybe you should say that bit on there.
  17. Hey
    I also have an interview for a primary pgce the end of this month. I think the maths test will basically be simular to the QTS test only shorter online version. Then the english I think will be correcting a reading (punctuation etc) and writing a short piece to assess spelling and handwriting (probably why you want to be a teacher)- my friend had that one! For the presentation I am doing it on something I like to do. That way it makes it much easier to talk about for 4-5 mins. Then I think in the interview they will ask questions like why do you want to be a teacher but also may ask about your opinions on current issues such as the inclusion debate, behavior within the classroom and the national curriculum/ testing. Then I know you have to read a children's book to them and articulate activities you could develop for the children based around this to further develop learning. Hope that helped!



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