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Newly Pregnant NQT

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Thespirit82, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Thespirit82

    Thespirit82 New commenter

    Hello all

    By means of a short introduction, im 29 and in my NQT year (secondary geography)

    I've recently discovered I'm pregnant - no scandal - I'm 29 and married?!

    My concerns are

    1. My gcse class - this was actually my first reaction to the positive "what about my year 10s"

    2. Telling the head after being at the school all of 5 minutes.

    3. I've Looked at Stpcd but seems too good to be true - so much after so little?!?!

    Context - at an academy which follows Stpcd since September 2015 on permanent contract
  2. Mazod

    Mazod Occasional commenter

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! It's hard when you have exam classes but you can only set them up as best you can in the time you have.

    As for telling your HT, don't worry. They are used to these kind of things happening. I was a NQT at my school last year (you can't be made permanent until after NQT year in Scotland) and was lucky enough to get a permanent job in the same school in May. I discovered I was pregnant in Oct (I'm also 29 and married!). When I told my HT after my 12 week scan he gave me a kiss on the cheek and congratulated me. There is no reason why you will not receive the same type of response. Remember it is illegal to discriminate against a woman because she is pregnant x

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