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Newcastle Primary PGCE, Sept 2012

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by blossom101, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Thanks Taz. I had an interview on the 17th and was getting anxious that I hadn't heard so it's good to know that it is normal.

    Ava, people wore all kinds of things to the interview but everyone looked smart and like they had made an effort. I wore a suit just because I happen to have one that I really like that feels comfortable, but there were lotd of girls in smart trousers and tops, dresses, skirts etc. My interviewers were dressed quite casually, so as long as you are smart and presentable there will be no need to worry.
    The day started with a brief introduction then a no-calculator maths paper. The questions were things like long multiplication and division, percentages, multiplying and dividing fractions, areas, averages, percentages, find the missing angle etc. There was nothing to catch you out, you just need to make sure that you've refreshed your memory if necessary.
    During the maths paper, we were taken out one at a time to teach a five minute lesson that we had prepared to a panel of adults who were acting like children. You can teach anything you like on the National Curriculum and the children can be any age. The children won't all be model pupils though, so be prepared!
    In the afternoon, we wrote an essay stating the degree to which we agreed with a paragraph on an educational topic that we were presented with. It was nothing scary; I think they just wanted to check spelling/ grammar and standard of writing.
    During this time, we were taken out for our interviews. We were shown the questions 15 minutes in advance, and then had a 15 minute interview. The questions were all perfectly reasonable, but looking back, I can think of lots of things that I should have said and didn't!
    That was all really. If you are well prepared then it should be fine - good luck!

  2. Hi,

    I had my interview on the 16th Jan and its driving me mad not knowing! Does anyone know when we will find out? How did everyone think it went?

  3. Hi Taz,

    Do you mean you had your interview on the 16 th of January and they have to respond by the 15th of Feb? How did you think it went? I had mine on the same day, I thought the maths test was hard!

    Lauren x
  4. I'm glad it is not just me that is going mad not knowing! I just re-read my post and realised I put the wrong month, it is meant to say GTTR said Newcastle have until 15th Feb! to let me know which is still another week and a bit away. So I'm working to that date! Still doesn't stop me obsessively checking Track though.....
  5. Hi,
    Just found out I've got an offer. Has anyone else had any replies yet?

  6. Hi, I have an offer as well! See you in September :) Good luck everyone!
  7. hi u guys who got an offer,did you find out through post or by just constantly checking your GTTR status>???
  8. They rung me! They haven't updated my GTTR yet, good luck!
  9. Oh thanks that's brilliant advice! And glad to see people are getting offers too!! Good luck to everyone whose still waiting x
  10. SpecialRach

    SpecialRach New commenter

    My bf got an offer today its on track!! :)
  11. Yay! WeLL done to everyone who had good news. I'll be starting in September too and can't wait!

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