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Newcastle PGCE (Primary)

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by fashionista789, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Hey,
    Has anyone heard from Newcastle? Seems a while since anything came through! Also, anyone started looking for somewhere to live? :) x
  2. Hi, I think they're sending more stuff through sometime in April.
    My friend and I went to Newcastle yesterday and sorted a flat out, we did view a lot of bad ones though, beware of estate agents trying to rip you off, some make out as though they are giving you a good deal when actually they're not at all.
    The flats do seem to be going quite quickly now though so if you want more choice and a good deal, you'll need to find somewhere soon. (Two of the ones we were going to look at went the night before we went)
    Good luck in finding somewhere x
  3. Hi ya

    I got in to Newcastle for the primary PGCE aswell. Have you accomodation sorted yet? x
  4. Hey!
    I haven't sorted accomodation yet, I've been looking and all of the flats I've found I like are available now or april which is far too early so I'm going to look nearer the time! I can't wait to start the course now, work seems to be dragging! x
  5. Hi

    Sorry to bother you, just came across your post while I was on the TES website.

    I have just found out I have an interview on the 20th of January for Newcastle primary PGCE which I am fairly chuffed about. Is there any tips you can give me about the interview. I have a decent amount of time to prepare and really really want this as it is a career I have been trying to get into for years.

    What do you have to do the presentation on?
    what kind of questions do they ask you?
    How hard is the English test and what did it consist of?
    How long is it as I have to get over to Newcastle from Ireland and was thinking of flying over in the morning or the night before?

    Sorry for all the questions but any advice you could give me would me much appreciate it

    Hope the course is going well


  6. hey i've sent you a message through this should be in your inbox [​IMG]

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