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Newbie to the forum - please be gentle with me!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Suzi B, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Hi all - I don't know if I'm in the right place, there seem to be loads of places I could post this so plumped for this forum! Just a little background - I'm working on a temporary contract until the end of the year and there is another temp post for next year. I have an interview on May 7th along with the oter 4 members of staff who are on temp contracts (mainly maternity covers - lots of babies recently!) Because we are all currnet members of staff the head obviously knows us all well which is why I need your help! I need a WOW! maths activities for the interview. It's with Year 2's (mixed abilty) for just 10-15 minutes! The head is very much into the creative curriculum, practical, interactive activities as well as use of ICT - there will be a Smart Board available to use.
    Any help would be so gratefully received - thank you!
    Suzi xx
  2. Sorry about the spelling - been on laptop all day planning and going a bit stir crazy - lol!
    S xx
  3. Welcome to the forum!!
    What sort of activity had you got in mind already, and maybe we can help you from there?
  4. Thanks for the welcome - not really got any further than the fact it's maths and needs to be practical! Not much help really I know but I'm a bit stumped. I'm really feeling the pressure as I feel I've got to prove myself even more as I'm already there and can't blag my way through - ha ha!
    S xx
  5. You need to come up with your own ideas. Then perhaps people may be a bit more willing to help.
  6. Hi
    is there a theme/topic to get things started? That may help with ideas.
    Good luck
  7. Well thanks very much for your support - not! Think I'll not bother in future.

  8. If I had an idea, I wouldn't be asking for help!
  9. Hi Suzi
    Welcome to the forum!. I had to do a 15 min maths interview lesson just recently. I did it on 2 and 2d shape, as I felt I could get the children up and about matching shapes and properties etc. It was very practical and included using the smartboard and a puppet. It was for Year 3, but would still very much apply to Year 2. I would be happy to email it to you if you like. It got me the job, so must have been ok!
    By the way, I asked lots of people for help, with no idea where to start at first when I was planning my interview lesson. I know where you are coming from. I think you just go blank at the thought of planning for something like that! There are lots of people who are willing to help here, so please don't feel you shouldn't bother again.
    Just let me know your email address if you want the plan.
  10. Thank you so much - really appreciate your help! As it was my first time posting I thought I might get some help from peeps who must have done a successful interview activity! I would be very grateful for your plan - my email addy is: suzi@witzend24.freeserve.co.uk
    Thanks again
    Suzi xx
  11. NQT1986

    NQT1986 Occasional commenter

    In Pinflipflop's defence-a lot of people post on these forums, particularly at this time of year asking for other people to give them really exciting outstandingly 'wow' ideas for their observed lesson/interview and offer no suggestions of their own. It can get irritating to post replies to such questions and then not even receive a 'thank you'; as I have many times before under my previous username. It also makes you wonder that if someone can't think of a good activity on their own (or even narrow it down to one area of maths they might like to teach) for fifteen minutes with a class-what sort of teacher will they make.

    Posters get far more responses when they give a few ideas to begin with-even if you say that you've decided to do something on 2D shape or symmetry etc-this narrows it down a litte for other people and may make them more willing to help rather than do all the work themselves.

    Apologies if this sounds harsh-I appreciate you're a new poster, but thinking up a few of your own ideas will make things far easier in the future.
  12. Hi
    My feeling is that if people find it irritating, then best just not to reply, but those who are happy to share what has worked for them can post some help. I do think particularly when someone has asked people to be gentle as it is their first post, it is not great to be snappy back. I think it says a lot that someone has to ask people to be gentle with them. I think it is awful that people feel nervous about posting in case they get a rude reply.
    I use other forums and have to say I have never come across the criticism that you get on here. I have to emphasise this is not from most people, but from an aggresive minority. I agree sometimes people post things that sound like they want someone to write their essay for them, or similar, but to be honest I then just choose not to reply.
  13. NQT1986

    NQT1986 Occasional commenter

    Fair enough-that's your opinion.

    I was just pointing out to the OP the possible reasons for not getting many helpful replies, and suggesting a solution to her.
  14. I think you'll find people on here are extremely helpful to the point of spending hours sometimes helping others out on here, but the idea isn't just to come on and go 'Give me loads of stuff that I can't be bothered to do' which is what you have done really (whether you dress that up as 'can't' or 'won't' - if you 'can't, should you really be teaching one might say, and be prepared for that kind of flaming).
    Plus, we could come up with ideas for a division activity for example, spend ages typing it all in to here, coming up with ideas for how you could do differentiation etc etc, and then you come back on and go 'oh, I don't really like division'. How nice is that?
    You don't have a long history of posting on here to help others out, so is could be asked why should people do the same for you with no input at all - we don't know you, your styles, likes, dislikes, talents or anything.
    If you want help, you have to meet people half way, or you will be met with lots of what you consider to be unhelpful posts - be reasonable and only expect people to meet you halfway, not go the entire distance to your side of the field as it were....
  15. Hello singup
    You make reference to an ‘aggressive minority’ with the
    implication that the post from ‘pink flip flop’ came under that category. I
    think that’s a bit unfair: personally I thought it was quite a reasonable response
    to the OP. Indeed if there was any lack of charity, it was from the reaction from
    Suzi B.

    Let's hope:
    a) Suzi gives a great interview
    b) The best candidate gets the job - whoever that is!
    And whoever is successful, will need to develop a 'thick skin'
    for the 'rough & tumble' of school life!
  16. Hi Cdrom
    I agreed with the hopes about the interview. When I first posted on here I was very nervous about the kind of replies I would get and I felt it was evident that the poster felt the same. Why would someone feel like that? I think it is because alongside the many helpful comments I have seen an aggressive minority to make it an intimidating place to post.
    In fairness, my comment was more in response to these type of comments in general and the way people phrase things, rather than pink flip flops comment in particular, but I appreciate it might not have read like that and I'm sorry if that is the case. I don't think you should need a thick skin to ask for help on a forum, but it does feel like you do need one on here sometimes.
    I do find it odd that the atmosphere on this forum is so different to other forums. I'm not sure why that is. Someone has just posted needing advice on another primary thread until the title 'drowning'. I think that shows that someone is feeling a bit desperate. They got helpful replies, but also a reply listing all the spelling errors they had made and picking their post to pieces. I just think that is so unnecessary.
  17. Hi Sing up. Just noticed your post while searching for ideas for an interview lesson I have on Thursday. I was planning to do some activity related to shape and had thought about making some kind of shapes out of play dough- or something along those lines! (Not really got much further with my idea!) I just wondered if you still have the plan you spoke about as it sounds great! My interview will be for a year 3 class also. If by any chance you do, would you mind sending it to me also, louisew9@msn.com. Thanks very much! My brain hurts from trying to think about what to do!!!

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