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New York Trip Itinerary

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by strandedfish, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. mathsman

    mathsman Occasional commenter

    Going to NY tomorrow morning with 17 students!!!!

    Went 2 years ago and we all had a great time so we're hoping it goes well again.I HAD to keep costs down for it to go ahead.

    Bascially any excursions/add ons are generally a rip off by travel companies - either here or those booked through their associates in New York. SO easy to get the tavel company to organise the minimum and organise the other stuff yourself.

    Going with Study Experiences. Flights with BA,with only US transfers (meeting students at Heathrow), staying in a youth hostel in midtown Manhattan costs £393 per person. Asked the students to pay £293.It includes insurance (the college's own insurance was extended to cover the USA).

    On top of that the students will be paying for a behind the scenes tour of Macy's (£8), Going up he Empire State (£8), Statute of Liberty (£5) Federal Reserve bank lecture (free), Federal Reserve Bank tour (Free), Ground Zero Free), Tenament museum (£7.

    Can't wait!!!
  2. Hiya,

    Am planning my own NY trip for my students - realy want to do the Macys tour but can't find anyone to contact about it - I've called Macys several times but just keep on getting a voice automated machine - useless! REally appreciate if anyone has a contact?

    Thanks a mil
  3. mathsman

    mathsman Occasional commenter

    I had a lot of difficulty trying to find a way of booking the 'behind the scenes' marketing tour in February when I went and ended up getting the travel company to do the leg work. Studylink tours charged £22 per person (including a massive breakfast).

    It was the highlight of the academic side of the trip - absolutely brilliant! Our guide from Macy's was superb...and i took his card:

    John Wiltberger
    Lead consultant/Tour director
    Visitor's Centre
    Macy's East
    151 West 34th street
    New York 10001

    Tel: 00 1 212 494 3827


    His visitor centre allow you to book the tour directly at less than half the cost (you might be best paying it with your credit card in advance and getting money off the students later) - make sure you ask for John to lead the tour

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