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New York Trip Itinerary

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by strandedfish, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. I am putting together a trip to NY. I have never done this before and never been to NY. Any ideas of places to go to and things to do?

  2. I am putting together a trip to NY. I have never done this before and never been to NY. Any ideas of places to go to and things to do?

  3. Pre-Book a tour of the UN, it's excellent. An informative talk.

    Empire Estate worth a visit as well.
  4. I personally recommend both the Ellis Island immigration museum and also the Lower East Side tenement museum. They give really interesting snapshots of life for those arriving in and trying to make a life in the city.

    MoMa is great too.
  5. I take a Business Studies trip to NY every year with sixth form students, & I include the following trips & visits in the itinerary :

    * Visit & tour of the Federal Reserve Bank.
    * Guided walking tour of the Finance District.
    * Visit & backstage tour of Macys
    * Visit & tour of the UN
    * Visit to the Statue of Liberty (pedestal)
    * Visit to Ellis Island
    * Visit to Empire State Building at night (no queues !)
    * Guided Limo tour
    * Visit to Top of the Rock
    * Broadway Show
    * Sports match (ice hockey / basketball) at Madison Square Gardens

    We always stay at the Hotel Edison Times Square & include in the price, in addition to all the visits listed, room only accomodation, flights, transfers, 4 evening meals, insurance, metro card.

    Hope that helps !

  6. We did this a few years ago.
    The kids did some fund raising and came up with the idea of designing and then making a flag (professionally) that represented the flag of NY and our school badge. A group of Year 10 students designed it and we took it over to the Fire Fighters at the Number 10 station. This station was flattened when the World Trade Centre was hit. The flag was presented and as a result we spent two hours with the Fire Fighters who were involved in the rescue. The kids had a unique experience which will stay with them for the rest of their lives.
    I am sure the station would accommodate another group.

    I tried to arrange a trip around the Stock Exchange but they asked for our passport numbers (via email)whilst we were on the plane!

    We were doing rather well with Young Enterprise and contacted the YE institution over in NY. A small group of kids went to the school and were able to sell some products and therefore used this in their YE presentation.Your YE rep should help you with this.
    Good Luck
  7. NIL5605's itinery is an excellent template. Personally I would arrange a visit to the NYSE or NYMEX rather than (or as well as) the Fed as the chaos of a trading floor in action would really interest the children. In this respect NYMEX is better than NYSE and in some respect more interesting as commodities are more 'tangible', but last time I was there it was closed to public visitors. Not sure if this extends to a pre-arranged school visit so may be worth phoning or writing in advance to set something up.
  8. Hi,
    I'm planning a trip to NY too for my sixth form and I love your itinerary.. just wondering did you go with any particular company or did you organise everything yourself? Approx how much did it cost for each student?

    Grateful for you help!
  9. Sorry for the late reply, hope you see this. We are actually doing a combined tour so I am not actually organising things, just the BS trip side of things. We are using the same company that we have apparently used a number of times I'll pass on the info once I have it if you like.
  10. We stayed at Hotel Pensylvania and there was a dog show on taking over the hotel. (Not good when you have asthma)

    So I bought a dog whistle....... ;)
  11. NIL5605 et al.

    I'm trying desperately to get our HOD and Head to agree to this (business studies is seen as the 'thick' option, so gets little cred).

    Roughly, how much is this per person? Specifically NIL's. The activities look fantastic.
  12. We're currently putting a trip to NY together but finding the cost per pupil is going to be around the £700 mark?

    Has anybody who has had experience of running a trip like this got any ideas for ways of subsidising the trip? We were thinking of trying to get corporate sponsorship or some sort of grant? Any ideas welcome!!
  13. I usually budget the NY trip at around £700pp, which allows for 1:6 staffing ratio, & the students are allowed to pay this in installments during the autumn term prior to a Feb departure.

    I always try & stay at the Hotel Edison Times Square - www.edisonhotelnyc.com

    The tour operator I use is STS - www.ststravel.co.uk

    They will arrange anything you want for the trip - no rep though whilst in NY, so make sure you know the city well !
  14. mathsman

    mathsman Occasional commenter


    I'm interested in the backstage tour of Macy's you went on - I'm taking my students over there in a few months time. Have you someone I could contact regarding it?
  15. Hi Guys!

    Im also looking for a trip for AS & A2 Business learners.

    You say its £700pp - How long is that for?

    Also, in terms of fund raising initiatives, what has been succesful?

  16. If you are going on a BS trip to NY your first stop should always be the ROCKAFELLA CENTRE!!! Were else will you be able to explore the history of the most sucessful New York business man!

    You will also be able to go ice skating outside!!!

    Make sure you give the Statue of Liberty a miss, its a load of rubbish. Its not even that big, I've got a statue of a rabbit in my back garden that is bigger.

    If you do need to see the statue get the Statton Island ferry instead. It takes you right past the miniture statue and its also free

    p.s. Go on the Sopranos tour if you ever go on a personal trip, without doubt the most interesting experience to be had when in the big apple
  17. RKM


    How have people managed to get Risk Assessments passed for this?

    Does the flying issue cause a problem?
  18. I am currently organising a trip there and have a barebones trip so far for £520, that does not include meals...
    I noticed some schools quoting figures of £700, that is fine depending on where you school is located, but my advise is to try and do as much you can yourself while you are there the travel companies rip you off in their extras.
  19. gdb


    I just came back from a year 13 trip to New York with 40 students. We took four members of staff and used and used NST. The trip price excluding meals was 463. The students paid £499: this included all of their trips. We bought a citypass book for each of them, these were £25. I led to the whole of the tour myself and if anyone wants a copy of the itinerary I can send one by e-mail. I asked the students how much money they took with them and how much they felt that next year's students should take them. They reckoned around £180 was about right, including spending money. We subsidised all of the students on EMA. It was a very scary experience to plan and to risk assessments for, but now I wouldn't hesitate to do it again and I am definitely going next year!

  20. RKM


    Hey GDB

    Glad you had a good time. I did Barcelona last year and I want to do New York.

    I would love any information that you could give. £463 is a good price. Where dod u stay?


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