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New Years Resolution - Lose Weight!

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by hubcap, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. Sat here munching my way through a bowl of dried prunes, apricots, sultunas and grapes - offered family tin of Roses but they are all picking at my bowl of goodies!
  2. RKM


    i need to loose 4 stone. I have PCOS as well so i take longer to loose weight.
  3. half a stone and a bit for me..not a lot but a whole lot of getting fit needed. I'm finding that very hard to do, just 'don't want to' until I try on clothes and can't get my trusted old jeans up over my hips....I creak when I walk up the stairs, I am all stiff-backd when I've been sitting watching the box for hours (another thing i need to quit)
  4. katie40

    katie40 New commenter

    I need to lose a stone and a half. I lost a stone at the beginning of last year and gradually put it back on plus an extra half a stone!

    What is a body pump? Sounds intriguing...!
  5. Get Walking - power walking is great and very sociable as you can walk and talk at the same time!!
  6. I could do with losing about 3 stone, but I'd be happy with even 1. Exercise is a big thing for me, I find it so hard to get motivated after a day at school. Looked for one of those walking groups as posted but there is not one near me
  7. Ah Greenfae I started a group 2 yrs ago by just putting up some posters in my local area - now we have 20 odd walkers power walking 2 - 3 times a week! So dont give up because there isnt one near you - be a group yourself! "Your town Power Walkers"!
  8. I want to join! I love the idea of power walking, pity there is no one doing it near me!
  9. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    Im getting really excited now. I just had a mince pie, a bag of crisp and a small glass of wine and felt awful after. Now Im on a cup of tea, with a tub of raisins at the side just in case I get the nibbles. Normally I would pour another glass which would lead to oversnacking on rubbish!
    I may sound crazy but I know I have to build up a relationship with good food and end my relationship with bad food and if Im feeling like I want to- I know its gonna work!
    I suppose its like a bad relationship with a person against a good relationship with another person, who would you choose?
  10. Now searching on the internet for power walking groups in the North West!
  11. Start a group!!!! Its easy. Think of a name, do a poster, set a night to meet, a location, plan a route (we started with 1 route of just 3 miles and now have several routes depending on fitness), advertisse your group on www.walkthewalk.org and go for it. If you want any more tips, just say!

    In July 2005 I was a couch spud, weighing 12st 7lbs.
    In December 2007 I love power walking, enter half marathons and even a full marathon (power walking of course!) and I weigh 9st 10lbs

    How cool is that !!!!
  12. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    Would love to walk the walk but have a daughter to look after- will the treadmill do?
  13. Hubcap why not do it with your daughter? Set yourself a target and do it together. Walk the Walk do 2 super events in a year - all power walking and 99% women. The one in Bristol in July is called the Sunwalk - what a fantastic target for you both. You can set yourself a challenge of walking a 5k, 10k or Half marathon !!! Its a great day - I have done it 3 times!

    Treadmill.... mmmmmm - for me you cant beat walking outside, fresh air, free exercise!
  14. RKM


    I've just been on the site and not many groups in the West Midlands.

    Any people on here from the West Midlnds.
  15. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    oldsenco there is no way she would do it. I will just have to compromise.
  16. Phoenixchild

    Phoenixchild Occasional commenter

    hi rkm, i'm from the west midlands, in between dudley and wolverhampton area, whereabouts are you?xx
  17. I'd like to join in with this too. Looking to lost about a stone - I'm carrying just a wee bit too much weight for playing football and have lost my sharpness as a result. :( What would be a sensible amount of time to lose a stone in?
  18. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    2lb a week so 7 weeks.
  19. Thanks hubcap. :) Right, hubby and I ought to get eating all the crisps and things in the kitchen, so we can have a fresh start on the 1st. (Or maybe 2nd) Mini Cheddars are my weakness!
  20. Am studying for a Diploma in Fitness management (alongside part time teaching job!) and one fact that has caught my eye recently is this.

    To lose 2lb you need to drop 3,500 calories from your weekly intake. Or 500 per day.

    Think about what you are eating but also the exercise you do. If you increased your exercise that cancels out some of the 500 calories you need to shed per day.

    Go by this - works for me:-

    ? If something has less than 5g fat in portion - go for it.
    ? If something has between 5g - 10g fat per portion, think DIET (do i eat that or dare i eat that).
    ? If something has more than 10g of fat in it per portion, think ?not for the new me thank you?!

    Good Luck!

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