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New Years Resolution - Lose Weight!

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by hubcap, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    At last!
    Anyone joining me?
  2. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    At last!
    Anyone joining me?
  3. I'll join you! We're not starting immedietly are we?
  4. Phoenixchild

    Phoenixchild Occasional commenter

    I'll join you, am desperate to lose weight, have a looooong way to go though!xx

  5. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    No lets start from 1st Jan eh?
    Get rid of all the fatty stuff in the fridge first!
  6. me !!!
    i need to lose 2-3 stones
    i am going to try to go slow and steadh this time. ive been on and off fad diets for years.
    and they do not work
    so healthy eating and changed lifestyle for me rather than starving yself for a couple of weeks.
  7. and me
  8. OOOO can I join in?
    Started swimming 40 lengths a day as find it easier to exercise than cut down on food!!!
  9. I thought....lose weight or have wheels fitted? Bank balance says lose weight being the cheaper option bother!
  10. How much does everyone have to lose - me ideally 3 stone
  11. I would like to join, starting on 1st Jan please!
    Would like to lose 4 stone if poss but 3 would be good!
  12. realistically 1-2 stone. Would like it to be a bit more but...
  13. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    3 stone. Aiming for my holiday in July.
    My intention is that when I go food hopping I will only buy healthy food. Will have to put up with moans from daughter and husband, but if they love me .........
  14. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    Have to tell you this. Just been intown with my 9 year old daughter and we went in a book shop, I was looking for a weigh****cher cookery book and my daughter said, "if you want to loose weight just eat when you're hungry!"
    I was so flabbergasted I left the book and we walked out of the shop!
    I dont want to fall into any kind of diet plan syndrome so I am going to say that everytime I go to eat something -
    I love that girl!
  15. "only eat when you are hungry"

    Brilliant bless her!

    But dont forget "hunger" is often thirst, boredom or habit. Decide which emotions you are feeding before you feed them!

    I have lost nearly 3 stone, slowly and steadily by looking at food labels and deciding not to diet but



    But the 3 stone has really gone through power walking - look at www.walkthewalk.org for a group near you! I run one of them !
  16. Can I join in?

    3 stone would be about right for me.
  17. Me too!
  18. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    Right everyone remember the first day is 1st Jan - so prepare yourselves!
  19. I can't possibly eat all the chocolate I've been given by then! But I'm a good girl; I went swimming today and am booked for Body Pump tomorrow. Did RPM on Christmas Eve. Hmmmm.
  20. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    Hi Carnhot, it,ll be like old times!
    My fridge is full too but I will leave what is left for my daughter to eventually finish!
    Im craving sour things at the moment though- typical isnt it!

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